The 10 best lightweight running shoes to put spring at your pace

After the boom in minimalism almost a decade ago, lightweight sneakers have come a long way both as ballet shoes for running and as sneakers for everyday life. For example, when brands simply cut damping to save ounces, runners have been getting mixed results. Move on to 2021 and the new midsole foams now meet almost all cushioning preferences and still look like a pity. In this list you will find both thin runners like a razor, your sneakers for long distances and even models of trail. While fewer shoes may not work for everyone, research shows that there is enough world for “minimalist” and “maximalistic” shoes if you gradually increase your pace and mileage.

Even a science

The appeal of lightweight shoes is based on faster running performance and biomechanical science. Brands have perfected lightweight running shoes by analyzing step and gait, using impact measurement devices and building shoes to stimulate natural fit instead of correcting it. The flexible mesh, the elastic midsole and the more subtle modifications, such as open toes and teardrop platforms, are innovations that emerged in the creation of today’s light sneakers.

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Not all light trainers simulate barefoot running. Some shoes are moderately cushioned, making them ideal for runners who want to transition to minimalism or for runners who want to go faster without sacrificing cushioning. Branded Shoes

How we test

The road and trail shoes below jumped to the top of our ranking as the lightest shoe in the group, and each pair offers protective cushioning underfoot, according to data from our shoe lab. Experiential testing was also an important factor in choosing the best lightweight sneakers. More than 350 local wear testers covered 160 kilometers in each shoe to assess performance, durability and responsiveness. Shoes And Sneakers

Hoka One One Mach 4

Vice President Jeff Dengate called Mach 4 “the best Mach so far and possibly the best Hoka today”. Our other testers agreed. Uma said it was her new favorite padded road shoe, and the first time she put on Hoka, she said the shoe impressed her after her first run. The shoe looks deceptively heavy with its projecting heel, which provides support for the heel, but runs as fast as Saucony’s Endorphin Speed ​​or Brooks’s Hyperion Tempo (also included in this list). The responsive Profly foam in the midsole and the Meta-Rocker in the initial stage (a slightly curved sole) push you forward while you run.

Other Rivera

We zoom along the straights at Rivera de Altra, which replaces Torin Mesh (both shoes have 26 mm stack heights). Walk like you’re running barefoot, with enough protection to protect you from stray pebbles. The elastic Ego midsole provides a thin layer of cushioning. The toes do not pile up on the wide toecap and testers praised the seamless upper for its comfortable fit and no access points. Disclaimer: facilitates access to them at a slow pace. One of our editors skinned a knee after planting on the sidewalk after a mile, then dusted off to make five more. Best Sneakers

Sauconia endorphin speed

A toned down version of the more expensive Endorphin Pro, the Speed ​​is a rugged workhorse that can even plummet in a marathon. Its elastic midsole contains PEBA-based foam, which offers high rebound and support cushioning. For quick movement, the shoe has a flexible nylon plate, contrasting with the molded and rigid carbon fiber. Speedroll technology – a slight curve of the sole that encourages the movement of a rocker – helps in quick transitions from heel to toe during running.

Brooks Hyperion Time

Hyperion Tempo may be the “training shoe” for Hyperion Elite 2, but don’t exclude it as a running trainer. The shoe is moderately padded, agile and cheaper than its $ 250 equivalent. Although it does not have a carbon fiber plate, its DNA Flash midsole, which is made of nitrogen-infused foam, offers an impressive heel. Time also assumes dimensioning. The shoe comes in both male and female sizes, resulting in a more comfortable and life-size fit for women, as opposed to the unisex Elite size. Kacamata Rayban


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