Types of shoes for adult men

How many types of men’s shoes are there on this earth? well do you also have the same question? If indeed we trace one by one, there will be many types, even every shoe manufacturer will usually bring up a new type of shoe again, maybe every shoe manufacturer has at least one type of shoe that they make to develop their brand identity to the new type of shoe. Branded Shoes

For this reason, here we will discuss the types of shoes commonly used by men in their daily activities. From casual shoes to very formal ones. Each type of shoe always has its own use and is made specifically for this activity. So that we don’t wear the wrong shoes in our activities. For example, if we go up a mountain, is it possible for us to use loafers? Of course not.

The sneaker has a distinctive style that has laces and gives the wearer a sporty, active and relaxed look. Sneakers are generally made of canvas, but over time many have also used other materials such as denim, corduroy and even suede leather. The use of sneakers is usually worn on casual occasions such as walking to the Mall or if you want to take a leisurely walk. Shoes And Sneakers


These boots in ancient times were used by soldiers to be used during war. But now boots are commonly used by adventurers whose hobbies are camping or climbing mountains, or they can be stylish to make it look adventurous. Best Sneakers

Desert Boots

Desert Boots are a little shorter than regular boots. The height of this shoe is slightly above the ankles. The material commonly used by desert boots is leather, but along with the current development, a lot of desert boots use canvas, suede and denim. Desert boots were popular in 1940 for non-formal or casual activities.

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Oxford shoes are very suitable for wearing in formal activities such as office work, weddings and other formal occasions. The material used by these oxford shoes is mostly leather, but there are also those that use suede leather. You must be diligent in polishing Oxford shoes so that they always look shiny and durable.


These Loafers are usually made of leather, but some are made of suede. Loafers are suitable for semi-formal events because they have a classic shape, although many of them wear them on formal occasions. Initially, these loafers were made in order to make it easier to wear without having to tie laces when wearing these shoes. There are many types of loafers, but still the slip-on model. Kacamata Rayban


Monkstrap shoes are almost the same as oxfords and loafers in terms of material. Usually made of leather and some are made from suede. This Monkstrap shoe has a special characteristic on the fasteners of the shoe, if the shoe generally uses laces, this monkstrap shoe uses adhesive or a hook belt on the top.


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