how to care for the shoes to remain durable

Taking care of running shoes forgets the important thing in order to stay comfortable and durable to wear. Besides making your running sport comfortable, caring for your shoes is also an investment, you know. Eating it is very important to always keep the quality of your running shoes safe. How about the right way? Take a look at the 3 tips below, let’s!

Don’t use it for other activities

Even though running shoes look very stylish and comfortable to wear, they shouldn’t be used for other activities. The flexibility or bounce of running shoes that are often used for walks will slowly erode. So that it can cause an injury effect when used for running. It should only be used for running so that flexibility is maintained. Branded Shoes

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Clean it regularly

It is very important to always keep your shoes clean to avoid bad odors and mold. Shoes And Sneakers, Cleaning shoes can be done every week or two weeks. It depends on how often you wear it. How to clean it is also quite easy, ko. First remove the shoelaces and insole, then using a brush, gently rub the dirty parts of the shoes with clean water or a special detergent for shoes. After that, dry the shoes at room temperature and avoid direct sunlight. Kacamata Rayban

Shoe service

The shoes also need servicing so that the quality is maintained. One of the services that can be done is to diligently replace the shoe insole. The more you run, the thinner the insole of your shoes will be. That is why it needs to be replaced regularly. There are many insoles that can be used, the insole will affect the comfort when running and also affect the shape of the feet. By diligently changing the insole, your run will remain safe and also balance your footsteps. Best Sneakers


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