Best Converse Shoe Model Recommendations Part 2

Types of Converse Shoes

There are two types of Converse shoes on the market, namely the high cut that exceeds the ankle height and the low cut that is below the ankle. Both types of shoes have their own fans.

High Cut type

This type of shoe will give users a sporty impression, indeed these high cut shoes were originally intended for playing basketball. The design is made to prevent injury to the ankle while playing basketball. This type of shoe is also comfortable to wear for everyday purposes. You who want to look sporty can use these shoes combined with a t-shirt and 3/4 jeans. Branded Shoes

Low Cut Type

Unlike the high cut types that have a sporty impression, low cut converse shoes give a casual look. This causes this type of shoe to be used in many of your activities, it looks cool when used to go to the office, study or when relaxing. The simple design is very comfortable to use, it can be combined with various styles of your clothes. This shoe can also be worn by men and women, combined with a skirt is still very suitable.

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4 Chuck Taylor 70’s Hi

like shoes that were widely worn in the 70s. This shoe looks monochrome with a blend of black and white. Many schools require their students to wear this shoe model when they have to go to school. Its simple appearance and comfortable use make these shoes can reduce the social gap between students. Shoes And Sneakers

5 Chuck Taylor All Star Shoreline

This Converse shoe model is known to be very comfortable to wear. This is because the model follows the contours of the user’s feet. These shoes are also a great solution for those of you who have wide feet, often people who have wide feet feel uncomfortable with their shoes.

6 Ct AS Canvas Ox

This shoe model is only available in large sizes, namely 40 to 45. This shoe model also looks very casual so it can be worn for daily activities. The navy blue color is also very suitable to be combined with the blue jeans you have. Best Sneakers

7 The Chuck All Stars II

This shoe model is perfect for those of you who don’t like wearing socks. The Chuck All Stars is also very suitable for use when entering the rainy season, because these shoes do not get wet easily. Kacamata Rayban


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