Best Converse Shoe Model Recommendations

Converse shoes are considered as one of the timeless brands, they have been around for decades and are still in demand in the market. The model of his Chuck Taylor shoe series is considered to be the most popular worldwide and is widely worn by both men and women. This shoe brand is known for the comfort it provides to its wearers, even though the model looks simple but doesn’t look old-fashioned.

Actually, this shoe brand has many models that you can choose from. Well, in this article I will discuss the recommendations for the best Converse shoe models in 2020.

Reasons for Using Converse

Converse is a brand that has long been well-known, it has quality so it is durable when used for your daily activities. These shoes are also comfortable to use for various activities, in fact these shoes were formerly known as basketball shoes, you know. Using these shoes for traveling, formal or sports purposes is not a problem. It can be juxtaposed with various fashion styles that you wear, because of its neutral appearance. Branded Shoes

The design of the Converse shoes looks classic, but it can always satisfy its fans. One of the best-selling models on the market is the Converse All Star and Converse One Star. Both of these shoe models even though they look very simple, are very in demand in the market. It can be used by men and women, many school children or students use this shoe model. Because the model is simple but characterized by this, it can be worn by various groups. Shoes And Sneakers

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Best Converse Shoes Model

The following are some of the best Converse shoe models, which are experiencing the best selling in 2020.

1 Chuck Taylor All Star

This model has actually been on the market for a long time, but there are still many who like it. It does have an appearance that is timeless. Initially these shoes were intended for basketball players, one of which was Chuck Taylor who eventually became the icon of this product. Their simple design makes them suitable for various occasions, these shoes are perfect for pairing with clothes with a casual look. Best Sneakers

2 Chuck Taylor All Star Slip-on

This shoe model is liked by many people who don’t want to be complicated about their shoe problems. The material is made of canvas on top and is equipped with rubber at the bottom. With a material like that, the wearer of this shoe will feel comfortable when wearing it and not slippery when worn.

3 Chuck Taylor All Star Dainty

This shoe model can be worn by both men and women. It’s just that, it is women who prefer this model. The color combination of the shoes, which consists of black and white, makes these Converse shoes look neutral. Kacamata Rayban


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