Running Shoes: Tips for Choosing the Best Running Shoes

Running shoes or running shoes are a basic need for everyone, especially for those of you who like running. As with other fashion items, apart from function, we are often confused about choosing the running shoes that best suit our needs.

Confused choosing because of many factors from price, convenience. Moreover, if you can, the running shoes that we buy can be stylish but still comfortable and durable.

The Anatomy of a Running Shoe

Before you buy the best and most suitable running shoes for you. It’s a good idea to learn the basics of running shoes – tops, midsoles, and outsoles. Branded Shoes

Running Shoe Upper

This is the top of the shoe that holds the foot in place. Usually made of a variety of materials to provide foot durability, protection and foot stability. The upper part of the shoe is made up of several parts, and each part plays an important role in providing a comfortable and satisfying experience for the runner.


This is the front platform of the shoe on which the toes tread. This section is one of the factors you need to consider when it comes to fit shoes. Make sure to give your toes enough room and room to swell on warm days. Shoes And Sneakers


This is the upper front of the shoe that joins the toe box.

Shoe Tongue

This is a separate strip across the top of the shoe. The purpose of this shoe tongue is to protect the foot from pressure. Besides, it also helps users to easily put on and take off their shoes. Some shoe tongues are light-fluffy while others come with thicker cushions. There are also shoe models that don’t use this traditional tongue. For example, we can find the Asics Gel Lyte III shoes, which have no tongue, which is generally in the middle of the upper.


Laces are also called shoestrings or shoelaces. They are used to secure and fasten shoes.


Shoe holes are generally used to attach shoelaces. Most running shoes often have an extra hole for the heel area. Best Sneakers

Heel collar

Often referred to as a cuff heel, the heel collar wraps around the ankle. Made of soft material and protects the feet comfortably. Of course, this heel collar will ensure a perfect fit and provide added comfort.

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The middle is the material between the top and the outside. It is made of a spongy or gel material which aims to provide protection from pressure forces. The best running shoes feature a durable midsole that’s also lightweight and comfortable for the long run.


This section is the base of the shoe and is made of two materials – carbon rubber and hollow rubber. Carbon rubber is a more durable material while hollow rubber is lighter and more flexible. Kacamata Rayban

The outsole design features durable material for protection, tread for traction, and grooves for flexibility. Because the outsole makes direct contact with the ground, the outsole must be durable and grippy


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