How to Choose the Right Running Shoes and Recommendations 2020

The right running shoes not only comfort the feet, they also prevent injury. Here are tips on how to choose the right running shoes for you.

1 Adjust to the shape of the leg

First, how to choose the right running shoes is to adjust the shoes to the shape of the feet. You first need to know what your feet look like.

Because everyone has a different foot shape and the shape of the foot affects the movement of the foot when running. Branded Shoes

There are three types of foot shapes that can be used as a reference in applying how to choose the right running shoes. Namely normal arch, low arch, and high arch.

3 Choose Quality Materials

How to choose the right running shoes must think about the quality of the material. Choose running shoes with quality and comfortable materials. The cushions of the shoe should be soft, and every seam and sole solid and neat.

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You can ensure this comfort when buying running shoes at the direct store. Yes, for those of you who want to buy shoes for running for the first time, it’s better to buy directly, not in an online store. Shoes And Sneakers

Try these shoes and attach them to the feet properly, the laces are completely tied.

4 Pay Attention to Size and Flexibility

After making sure the running shoe material you choose is of high quality, then pay attention to the size and flexibility. The size of your running shoes must fit properly.

It is advisable not to choose one larger number due to sock space considerations. Because the socks for running are very thin, they won’t interfere with your shoe size.

Then how to choose the right other running shoes by looking at flexibility. Make sure the running shoes are elastic, even though when you use them you will experience some bending when you run. Best Sneakers

5 Consider the Running Track

Thinking about the track or track that you will go through is also important when applying how to choose the right running shoes.

If you work out at the gym on a treadmill or on paved roads and flat ground, then you can use light and flexible running shoes.

But if you are going to be running mostly in outdoor environments with unpredictable terrain, then you need a running shoe that is lightweight but sturdy, with anti-slip soles.

6 Adjust to Body Weight

The comfort of the running shoes you use is also affected by your weight. If your weight is above normal, then how to choose the right running shoes is shoes with high soles. About 8 millimeters to 10 millimeters. Kacamata Rayban


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