20 amazing sustainable gifts for a green summer season

Christmas shopping, while stressful at times, can also be a lot of fun. It is a joy to choose gifts that you know your friends and family will love, although finding those gifts can be challenging. But if you’re also concerned about the impact your shopping has on the environment (or you know your loved ones will), it can add another level of confusion to the buying process. Where do you also find beautiful, useful and sustainable gifts?

Plantable colored pencils

Perfect for the artists and children in your life, these colored pencils are really plantable. When they get too short to use, just plant the tips and watch them sprout. Branded Shoes

Flower lollipop

These lollipops are no ordinary candy! The sticks are full of seeds, so when you’re done enjoying your sweets, you can plant them. Yes for sure. Shoes And Sneakers

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Atlas Cork suspended planter

Because it is made of cork, this hanging flower pot is biodegradable, renewable and recyclable. In addition, as the manufacturer at Etsy explains, trees do not need to be cut down to harvest cork, which means that it helps to promote reforestation and maintain wildlife diversity. Best Sneakers

Silicone straws

For those who want to forgo disposable plastic straws, but hate the feeling of drinking through a metal straw, these colorful silicone straws are a great option. They are soft, flexible and dishwasher safe and even come with cleaning tools and carrying cases.

Blower fish dryer friends

Dryers are not exactly the best thing for the environment, but dryers, which are reusable, can make your clothes soft and anti-static without creating residue. In addition, these puffers are too cute to resist and there are also options for cacti and hedgehogs. Kacamata Rayban


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