4 safety tips from a self defense expert

Safety is always an important factor for women (and WH’s initial reason joined forces with Runner’s World to launch the Runners Alliance), but this is double when you train alone, like many women today. Watch out for these tactics from Julie Morrill, a racing safety and self defense expert.

1 Search the route … not just the best places to take action selfies. Ask yourself, “Where are some areas where I might feel uncomfortable and what are the escape routes?” They can be remote road sections or road sections with blind spots. Having a plan in mind can make you safer if the need arises in real time to get out of there as quickly as possible. Branded Shoes

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2 Practice being present with your form. Being careful of your surroundings prevents potential intruders. “Paying attention also changes the way you physically hold your body,” says Morrill. Keeping your eyes up and your shoulders back improves your pace and helps eliminate the element of surprise. Shoes And Sneakers

3 Trust your spider senses. If something seems wrong, just follow your gut and walk away. But if you stand in front of it, Morrill says get big and tall. “Become an angry lion immediately,” he advises. Try to keep a distance between you and them, spread your posture and raise your fists, then shout something to alert others and intimidate the person, such as “back off”, “leave me alone” or “go away!” Best Sneakers

4 Don’t fight right. Honestly, this is the last step. That said, Morrill trains runners to have some basic movements in their self-defense toolbox they can rely on if needed: a proper punch and elbow, as well as a knee and leg kick to the groin, depending on how close the person is. . Kacamata Rayban


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