Altra Olympus 4 helped this reluctant roadrunner to hug the road

The RW Takeaway: Olympus has received a major update, making it impenetrable for obstacles on the road and incredibly smooth for long runs.

  • InnerFlex EVA midsole provides maximum cushioning with flexibility.
  • A new reinforced tongue combined with a secure loop system ensures a perfect fit.
  • The Vibram MegaGrip sole adapts to various surfaces.

When I’m not trying on shoes, I stay on the road for most of my career. But the Olympus 4, and partly the pandemic, made me wander farther from my comfort zone and on the trails.

Branded Shoes, To emphasize the power of 4, I must confess that I had reservations before trying on the shoe. Its predecessor, the 3.5, was very muscular, its bulbous heel made it look like a platform shoe from the early 2000s. The wide fit also made my foot swim inside the shoe; Running seemed heavy and slow.

The 4 maintains the same 33 mm stack height as the 3.5, but the updated upper provides a firmer fit. There are no slips or slips inside the shoe and, despite its bulky appearance and greater weight compared to other shoes in its class, the ride is light, agile and fast. Although the wide, square toe looked almost clown and seemed strange at first to some testers, a secure lacing system and a new reinforced tongue prevented the foot from slipping, ensuring a comfortable and stable ride. “I would call the Olympus 4 a sports car in a monster truck package,” said a tester.

Running with the shoe, I felt fast and experienced a jump that made me try to face the mountain bikes that passed. (They usually won, but my point is, this shoe was fast enough for the challenge.)

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Cushioned and fast

Despite its helmet-like appearance, Olympus 4 offers a responsive ride on a platform with maximum cushioning. Altra’s compression molded EVA midsole supports slow walks and quick jokes on the trail.

A tester who looks at shoes with a “Goldilocks pattern”, that is, handles almost all types of balanced runs, said: “Olympus won the Goldilocks award despite its robust appearance. It can go slow. And it slows down. comfortably on technical terrain and also responds to miles of speed on dirt roads and compact railways. ” Shoes And Sneakers

Anatomical adjustment

In addition to the balanced cushioning Altra is known for, the Olympus 4 also offers a spacious, non-restrictive fit, especially in the foot box. I tested the shoe while baking in the sun on some 10-mile runs that would certainly cause my feet to swell, but instead of squeezing and suffocating, my feet didn’t overheat and were bubble-free.

This does not mean that the general scenario is very broad. The reinforced tongue (along with a flap on the heel) makes it easy to pull the shoe and provides a comfortable but comfortable fit when tightening the laces. Best Sneakers

Vibram MegaGrip sole

Altra’s TrailClaw tread is not overly aggressive when you hit some road junctions, but the beads, along with the Vibram MegaGrip sticky rubber, are strategically positioned to prevent slipping on loose, muddy surfaces. A tester, caught in a sudden storm, did not slip or slip during a mad run on a “greasy” five-kilometer hike out of the lightning path.

“The sole stuck to the trail surface, gave me comfort and confidence and really looked like new,” he said. “That’s when these shoes won my vote of confidence. I’m excited to run with them in the snow to see how they do. ” Kacamata Rayban


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