This’s The Reason You Should Use Brooks Hyperion Tempo for Speed Days

The RW Takeaway: Do not discard this sneaker just for training; Hyperion Tempo also belongs to a race track.

  • Responsive Flash DNA midsole
  • Breathable mesh upper with secure lace closure
  • Padded collar means bubble-free heels

Hyperion Elite 2 training shoe, Hyperion Tempo is the workhorse that helps you get to the starting line. But that shoe doesn’t have to stay on the bench on race day. It may not have the revered carbon fiber plate, but its nitrogen-infused foam midsole, DNA Flash, offers great responsiveness to give you that competitive boost.

Branded Shoes, Light and very flexible, the shoe is similar to Brooks Launch 7, a shoe with a high energy return, according to the RW Shoe Lab, and moderate flexibility so that you have enough pressure during rotation. I received an email reminder from Strava that the launch was miles away from retirement (a rare message for a test editor walking x number of shoes at work). I anticipate that I will receive a similar email asking me to put Time aside in the not too distant future.

Saucony vs. Brooks

Since the RW team started working remotely, my lobby has become a battleground for test shoes vying for my attention. But outside of the collapsing piles, I find myself gravitating around two pairs of difficult times when I sometimes want to forget the state of things or face these thoughts head-on during my career. These shoes are Endorphin Pro by Saucony and Hyperion Tempo by Brooks.

It is intriguing, at least for me, because the two shoes have a partner. But each of these coaches gained more mileage than the Endorphin Speed or Hyperion Elite 2 combined in my training diary. Shoes And Sneakers

Brooks has always been my favorite running shoe (exception: a short adventure with Vaporfly 4%). And yet I found myself fantasizing about going back to street racing with Saucony shoes. Fortunately, Hyperion Tempo has cemented the reason why I will always have a crush on Brooks.

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Nitrogen-infused midsole

Tempo’s nitrogen-infused DNA Flash midsole provides cushioning for the first missing Hyperion Elite. In a Zoom interview with the Brooks team, it was revealed that Tempo served as a prototype, with Hyperion Elite 2 as its offshoot.

“Footwear like Hyperion Tempo provides the perfect platform from the point of view of manufacturing and volume so that we can be sure that this technology can be scaled as we start to increase the volume and then we try to potentially apply these types of processes. related to innovation across the board. “Brooks senior innovation developer Bryan Bhark said. Best Sneakers

Tempo validated the nitrogen-infused midsole, giving Bhark and his team confidence that the foam was scalable. Finally, the foam was incorporated into the second version of the Elite, which will be launched on September 1st.

The lightness of the shoes gets you ready for PR, from 5km to marathons. Although the midsole is more padded than the original Elite DNA Zero, some testers, like main runner Jeff Dengate, wanted more support, especially in the forefoot. In that case, you may prefer Saucony’s Endorphin Speed. Even I, a high-heeled striker, had to switch to plush slippers from time to time to give my metatarsals a break. Kacamata Rayban


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