Newton distance S 9 has a stable run for speed day

Result RW: Overpronators looking for quick support will find an exceptionally stable and light direction in Distance S 9.

The forefoot closures favor a midfoot attack and provide a vigorous takeoff
Dense foam under the inner arch provides additional pronation control
Light air mesh breathes well

Branded Shoes, A stability corridor sounds like myths and legends. As we captured and tested some, like Brooks Asteria in 2018, and saw some from afar, like New Balance’s FuelCell prism, it’s rare to find one that really looks light and fast enough to start a (virtual) line or hammer. . a little quick job. (It is certainly worth asking if there really is a need for this type of footwear.) But for those who want it, that is exactly what you will achieve with Distance S 9. It is fast and stable and absolutely the lightest of all shoes. we’ve tested it so far.

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Spike Vibes Tracking

The shoe’s DNA is almost identical to that of its neutral counterpart, Distance 9. Newton uses the same EVA-based Newtonium foam midsole, which looks firm and flexible with the brand’s five unique rectangular tips underneath. ball of the foot. The best way to describe the feel of these forefoot spikes is how to use a pair of sprinter spikes on a new inflatable track; there is an immediate impression of “falling forward” that makes the shoe look like a propeller as it takes off. However, unlike the tapered tips, the rubber shoulders are softer and more cushioned to provide some stretch. This translates to that feeling of fast running on the track for road racing, a truly unique experience that I have never had in any other shoe, pushing you to your toes, especially in faster steps. Shoes And Sneakers

Recovery of the medial post

That sense of propulsion is something you can expect from any Newton shoe; It is the design of the shape of the medial tip of the S 9, which is “S” for stability, that makes it a niche. The denser foam under the arch resists excessive transformation in a superpronated gait, but is not aggressive enough to be considered a true traditional medial column. (That said, Newton is not shy about the stability game; the impressive marble foam carries the idea that support can mean speed.) Along with a sturdy inner cup on the heel, the low midsole looks stable and close to the ground to ensure firm planted landings. Overall, the S 9 midsole has a slightly stiffer tread than the neutral distance, although the energy return and rebound have not changed. And although I noticed a small slip on the heel at first, it was nothing that a quick tying job didn’t fix easily. Best Sneakers

True to its name, Distance has enough cushioning underfoot to last a long time; after all, the three-time Ironman Triathlon world champion Craig Alexander ran the marathon with them. But personally, I found that this shoe likes to push faster over short and medium distances. I can see overpronators tying them on a virtual 5 or 10 km route, even half a marathon, with my eyes on a PR, especially if it’s a rough road. An unexpected benefit of the forefoot projections is the excellent spring-loaded grip that places you on tiptoes on steep slopes. Kacamata Rayban


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