The Altra Torin 4.5 Plush has a cozy, knitted and luxurious midsole

The RW Takeaway: The soft and light Torin 4.5 Plush is almost as soft as the brand paradigm. Can’t decide whether to run a short or a long run? Decide on the go with the versatile plush.

  • Quantum midsole for a highly cushioned feel, especially in the middle of the foot
  • Superior upgraded with a more secure loop system
  • Features the toe-shaped toe, characteristic of the brand, to prevent bubbles or black nails

The original Torin, launched in 2013, conquered runners with its soft foam and less muscular look than its competitors with maximum cushion, like Brooks’s Glycerin and Saucony’s Triumph. The launch of Torin 4 Plush last year featured an even softer, almost soft version, like the brand’s Paradigm, while maintaining the bouncy midfoot for which its line is known.

As a 0.5 update, 4.5 Plush is very similar to its predecessor; it has the same Quantic midsole, the same 28 mm stack height with Altra’s zero balanced “cushioning” and the same adherent outer sole with a floor that resembles the bone structure of your foot. What the naked eye cannot detect is the change in weight. Altra has managed to shave about thirty grams of men’s and women’s shoes, so you won’t feel like you’re wearing foot weights while running (and your joints won’t be devastated thanks to the luxurious run).

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Torin’s designed mesh upper has undergone the most notable surface change; The traditional padded mesh tongue of the 4 has been replaced by a reinforced tongue, stylized with a V-shaped cut so that it does not bury itself in the leg bone. Branded Shoes

I was a little suspicious of the new language, which rubbed against my skin after I put on my seat belt and walked down the long corridor of my apartment before running. Fortunately, the rubberized material did not cause irritation when I pushed the tap out. Shoes And Sneakers

In previous sneakers that I tested, this design produced a fragile tongue that consistently came out of place in the middle of the race. Not so with Torin 4.5 Plush; testers liked how the new language stayed in place and how they barely noticed it during execution. Best Sneakers

Zero drop compensation

Torin features Altra’s “balanced cushioning”, which involves a zero fall offset (ie equal height of the heel and forefoot stack). Runners accustomed to a drop of 8 mm to 12 mm may find that their gait pattern decreases slightly when they run for the first time with their shoes on. For example, a tester not used to running with zero-drop sneakers said that running on Torin surprised him and that he felt slower than running with other sneakers he tested, like Nike Renew and Brooks Ghost. Kacamata Rayban


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