Newton S 9 distance has a stable run for speed day

RW Takeaway: Overpronators looking for fast support will find an exceptionally stable and light ride at S 9 distance.

  • The forefoot straps promote a midfoot attack and provide an energetic toe
  • Dense foam under the inner arch provides additional pronation control
  • The light air net breathes well

A stability racing game seems to have come out of myths and legends. While we’ve taken and tested a few, such as Brooks Asteria in 2018, and seen some from afar, such as New Balance’s FuelCell Prism, it’s rare to find one that feels really light and fast enough to hit a (virtual) line or hammer. some quick work. (It’s definitely worth wondering if there’s really a need for such a shoe.) But, for those who want it, that’s exactly what you’ll get at the Distance S 9. It’s in fast, stable parts and the absolute lightest weight of all support shoes we have tested to date. Branded Shoes

Track Spike Vibes

The shoe’s DNA is nearly identical to that of its neutral counterpart, the original Distance 9. Newton uses the same full EVA-based Newtonian foam midsole, which feels firm and supple with the brand’s five unique rectangular bumps underneath. the plant. foot. The best way to describe the feel of these forefoot bumps is like using a pair of sprinter spines on a new inflatable track; there is an immediate “fall forward” impression that makes the shoe feel like a propeller on the toe. Unlike the sharp edges, however, the rubber shoulders are softer and more cushioned to provide some stretch. This results in that track-spiked running shoe feel for street racing – a truly unique experience I’ve never had in any other shoe – that pushes you to your toes, especially in the fastest steps. Best Sneakers

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Retrieval of the medial pin

That sense of propulsion is something you can expect from any Newton shoe; it’s the S 9’s medial strut design – which is “S” for stability – that makes it so niche. The denser foam under the arch resists over-transformation into overproned steps, but it doesn’t feel aggressive enough to be considered a true traditional medial pole. (That said, Newton isn’t ashamed of the stability play; the marble-speckled foam has the idea that support can still mean speed.) Along with a sturdy internal heel support, the low-drop midsole feels stable and close to the heel. soil to ensure well planted landings. Overall, the S 9 midsole has a slightly stiffer ride than neutral distance, although energy return and rebound remain unchanged. And even though I initially noticed a small amount of heel slip, it wasn’t anything a quick ligating job wouldn’t fix easily.

True to its name, Distance has enough cushioning underfoot to last long – after all, three-time Ironman Triathlon World Champion Craig Alexander ran the marathon with them. But personally, I’ve found this shoe likes to be pushed faster over short to medium distances. I can absolutely see overpronators tying them up on a virtual 5 or 10K road, even a half marathon, with a PR vision, especially if it’s a hilly course. An unexpected bonus to the forefoot protrusions is an excellent grip with a spring that puts you on tiptoe for climbing steep slopes. Shoes And Sneakers

A fast and flashy top

The top is made from a single piece of very flexible transparent mesh with just a hint of elasticity. Basically it looks like a sock with laces to tighten. Lightweight overlays on the saddle keep the flat loop secure and similar reinforcements extend across the toe to provide some structure, but overall the distance is a true minimalist at the top. There is only light padding around the ankle collar, which makes the shoe look a lot like a breathable mesh racing visor, with a slightly short fit to match. You could go up to half the size if you plan to use the S 9 for longer distances or daily training runs. Get real for size if you want a more comfortable rider feel. Kacamata Rayban


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