Brooks Launch 7 is the padded racing airplane of your dreams

RW’s conclusion: Launch 7 reaches that sweet spot between the most cushioned Brooks Ghost and the Hyperion racing plan, neither too soft nor too firm.

  • BioMoGo DNA midsole offers support cushioning
  • High energy performance RW footwear lab results
  • Single layer mesh provides booty-like fit

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With the exception of a new one-piece mesh upper and a slightly narrower fit around the saddle, it hasn’t changed much with Launch, which becomes lucky number 7. carbon fiber plates and air-injected foams, the familiarity of the launch is nostalgic and invigorating. A member of the Brooks speed class, Launch has a more comfortable platform compared to its counterparts, Asteria and Hyperion (not to be confused with the faster Hyperion Elite). I often recommend Launch as a lighter option when certain runners complain that even Ghost is too bare. Branded Shoes

Launch is a daily mileage trainer that spares your legs with just the right amount of plush. Its midsole contains the brand’s patented foam, BioMoGo DNA, which molds to the shape of your foot, providing support and agility during the run. Its “energizing” cousins, Levitate and Bedlam, can deliver an impressive jump, but Launch can also help you dial when it comes to speed, without the volume.

Responsive ride

Our wear testers, who ran intense 10 miles and sprints on the track, found that the cushioning of the shoes protected the lower legs, and the midsole provided a light and elastic ride. According to our shoe lab, the energy return was in the upper percentile, classifying the launch as “more responsive” compared to the other coaches we tested. It is surprising, but not surprising, that a trainer without a propulsion plate or thick TPU-based foam can still produce some stretch and reinforce his run. It turns out that my second 6-mile-faster office cycle was performed with this sneaker. The proof is in the pudding and Strava. Best Sneakers

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The 7 is upgraded with a single layer upper mesh that is lighter than its predecessor. The fit looks tighter around the saddle, but is still roomy in the toe area. This observation was also made by our evaluators. Shoes And Sneakers

“The width seemed a little narrow, at least narrower than I am used to, especially in the toe and midfoot area,” said one. “[However], I didn’t feel that my fingers were cramping and I didn’t end up with blisters.”

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The language of 7 is not as luxurious compared to previous releases. I embraced this new detail, as this style eliminated the friction around that area of ​​my foot. However, my love for the language was not shared by all the runners. Kacamata Rayban

“The tongue of this shoe needs more padding,” said an appraiser. “I had to wear thicker running socks when wearing this shoe because the tongue was not in place.”


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