Brooks Brawny Levitate 3 Delivers That Stretchy Bounce We Crave

The RW Takeaway: The Levitate 3 is for runners looking for a sturdier, more resilient trainer with a solid midsole.

The DNA Amp midsole provides high rebound
The cushioning is firm, especially in the heel.
Heavier than levitation 2

The Levitate 3 got us jumping on the road and continuing from the start with its supple and solid midsole. Its arrowhead tread pattern allows for smooth heel-to-toe transitions, although the flat studs aren’t as grippy on slippery surfaces and ash trails. The shoe offers high energy return, according to our RW Shoe Lab measurements and tests. Branded Shoes

Released about three years ago, the first Levitate introduced DNA Amp, Brooks’ version of a polyurethane / TPU-based foam (think: Adidas Boost or Puma hybrid foam) Brooks claims DNA Amp returns 70 percent of the energy back to the corridor , compared to the industry average of 50 to 60 percent. Our lab results show 60 percent (the previous model was about 70 percent), but that’s still 80 percent more energy return than the average running shoe. Best Sneakers

Solid but flexible

It could be said that this review is the third part of a trilogy. I recently talked about Bedlam and Ricochet, which belong to the same Brooks shoe family: the energize line. Of the trio, the Levitate is the oldest and heaviest.

The flaw I keep reiterating in my reviews of the energize shoes, including this one, is that no matter how much you bounce from a DNA Amp midsole, you also suffer from its stiffness, weight, and firmness. Shoes And Sneakers

I was overwhelmed while walking the Levitate. But that bounce you get from running makes it feel lighter; some of our testers even called it “light”. although the shoe is heavier than the second iteration. It is also moderately flexible, unlike the stiffer previous version. And there’s a niche of runners who really want a springy ride with a less padded platform.

“The cushioning of the shoe is very adequate compared to most of the others I run on,” said one evaluator. “The sole is solid but has a slight rebound, which makes it comfortable. That said, if you’re used to wearing cushioned shoes (aka Hoka), this shoe isn’t for you. “Basically, if you’re a runner who prefers minimalist shoes but wants to get a 180, he said, the Levitate is the more ‘sturdy’ option you didn’t know you were looking for.

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Don’t get too welcoming. The Levitate 4 will be out in late summer and its new and improved DNA Amp midsole weighs 20% less. I’m already betting on the new coach, having tried him in a couple of races. The three Levitates are the forerunners of a shoe that truly lives up to its name. And this, I assure you, is something we can’t wait. Kacamata Rayban

Comfortable upper: for the most part

In addition to the responsiveness of the shoe, the upper was a favorite feature of our testers. They liked the way the shoe wrapped around their feet and the inner boot felt as comfortable as a sneaker. “The shoes have an excellent fit and give a high quality feel,” said one reviewer. “There are no problems with the seams.”

Like its siblings in the energize line, the Levitate 3 also received the heel treatment. Getting your foot on that necklace has never been easier.

However, I am still puzzled that my claustrophobic impression of the superior places me in the minority. Maybe it’s the sock-shoe hybrid nature of it all (is it one or the other?), Or the slight rubbing of my ankle near the Achilles tendon when I’m wearing invisible socks.

However, the 3 definitely has a better fit than the second iteration. Instead of feeling trapped in a loose upper where my foot was slipping, I felt safer.


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