Brooks Transcend 7 spares no support or cushioning

The RW Takeaway: The Transcend is softer with a reconfigured midsole, making it an ideal trainer for pavement lovers.

The holistic guide rail system provides stability
More DNA Loft foam for a softer platform
Booty-like comfort, real fit

Brooks Transcend can always come second in damping for Glycerin (an intentional setback, since Glycerin, according to Brooks, will always be number one when it comes to plush), but regardless of its condition, the shoe’s soft platform made us tie. ready for long runs. When you feel that your light running shoes and long runs are, in the words of a runner, “destroying my body”, Transcend can be the missing link in your running shoe cycle. Its cushioning and stability system will give you the support you need. Branded Shoes

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The shoe is slightly firmer than glycerin due to its construction. The addition of the guide rail system on the midsole, Brooks’ holistic approach to stabilize excessive pronation and prevent injury (the guide rails serve as shock absorbers on the foot, supposedly preventing the knee from moving erratically from side to side. ), makes it less soft on the heel compared to the forefoot. This deduction was also made by RW Shoe Lab; The results showed that the jump was significantly firmer than the jump in the female and male models. Best Sneakers

Of course, laboratory measurements are only one factor in evaluating running shoes; The feel and direction of the Transcend, for example, made us and testers enthusiastic about its cushioning and stability. Shoes And Sneakers

The testers felt support as they turned their shoulders out of the curve and ran with a more confident step because their feet felt less “shaky”. A flatfoot tester, who is also an overpronator, ran even without insoles; The Transcend’s padded platform and stability system gave it all the support it needed.

The Transcend can be the day-to-day flagship or the long-term trainer you need, as its DNA Loft cushioning provides a smoother ride for your legs. When running with the shoe, my legs always felt refreshed after training, or at least, I didn’t feel completely broken after hill training. Kacamata Rayban

King of damping

Then again, that title actually goes to glycerin, at least in terms of Brooks coaches, but Transcend still lived up to expectations when it came to recording miles earned with difficulty during the construction of marathon training. The seventh iteration weighs less than the previous model, yet its midsole is much softer due to Brooks playing with the DNA Loft foam for added comfort and support.

The testers described the damping as reaching that sweet spot that was neither too strong nor too soft. “Transcend has intermediate cushioning, not too soft to make me feel like I’m wearing slippers, not too firm to feel every crack and pebble under my foot,” said associate director of testing Jen Sherry.

Another tester, who describes himself as a pavement kicker, said the shoe “gave a great boost and was equal to or better than my Adrenaline”.

And yet another had a more succinct reaction to the Transcend midsole: “Damping was the BOMB!”


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