Brooks Ricochet 2 in sock shape makes you fly

The RW Takeaway: Ricochet 2 is lighter than its predecessor and offers a return on energy, but solid cushioning can be a puzzle for some.

  • Responsive DNA midsole
  • Improved two-piece flat mesh upper for a more comfortable fit
  • Strong cushioning, especially on the heel

Branded Shoes, Ricochet 2 looks fast and feels fast. A combination of Brooks’ two proprietary midsoles, DNA Amp and BioMoGo DNA, offers a more flexible and faster ride. Combined with an updated flat mesh upper, the shoe fits like a second skin as it offers high rebound during the run.

Despite the moderately heavy weight of the original Ricochet (10.1 ounces, men; 8.4 ounces, women), our testers noted that the shoe looked light. However, for some runners, like me, the first model looked very muscular and rigid.

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This second iteration reduced part of that extra weight and is more flexible, maintaining the best attribute of the first model: high energy return

Like a sock

Most of our testers liked the sock-shaped upper part of the shoe: a two-piece flat mesh design with a hidden heel lining that ensures an aerodynamic fit. The heel flap, a new feature, makes it easier to move your foot within the integrated collar opening. It is a marvel without language; no tissue that accumulates or slides off the center during a run. The mesh upper is also elastic and breathable and has not caused overheating or hot spots. Shoes And Sneakers

Passersby replaced the slotted eyelets, creating a comfortable fit; a tester also noted that the lacing system was very effective and found it easy to tighten the lacing too much, which caused pressure on the instep.

The Ricochet 2 has a more faithful fit to the size than the first Ricochet, which pinched from the toes and looked very loose around the ankle. However, I am still concerned about that sock-shaped top. Believe me, I tried to give in to the sock; however, my Achilles still feels a little friction when I wear socks without a show. But the responsive midsole alone is what brings me back to those shoes, even after the test cycle

Midsole DNA

The source of this reactivity is DNA Amp, a TPU-coated polyurethane foam that is more durable and returns more energy than industry-standard EVA foam. In addition to the DNA Amp, Brooks also used BioMoGo DNA, a biodegradable foam that adapts to the floor and the shape of the runner’s feet. This combination of foams makes the shoes lighter than the other shoes in the Energize, Levitate and Bedlam line, which rely exclusively on DNA Amp insoles. Best Sneakers

The midsole promotes a high energy return, but in turn the damping is compromised; the race is difficult on long trips. As fast as my feet walked and as happy as I would have felt, there was a rawness that dragged on before I got ten miles. I felt it mainly on tiptoes. Kacamata Rayban


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