Let’s be fair: Elite 1 is no longer Brooks’ fastest shoe

Branded Shoes, The RW Takeaway: borrowing Flash DNA from Hyperion Tempo, Brooks’ fastest shoe is now softer and has more recovery.

DNA Zero is replaced by DNA Flash, a nitrogen-infused midsole
The height of the pile is 2 mm higher
New Rapid Roll technology for faster turnover

The eyebrows went up when we saw Brooks-sponsored runners buzzing from onlookers at the Atlanta Marathon Olympics. The top of the shoes was the same as the Hyperion Elite – a snap of silver like a quick white comet, with neon yellow accents – but the midsole was noticeably more robust.

Before the release of Hyperion Elite on February 29, rumors circulated that the brand was already working on Hyperion Elite 2. Runner’s World spoke to Brooks to clarify things. Shoes And Sneakers

The rumors were true

After the production of Hyperion Elite and Hyperion Tempo, the next logical step was to combine the best features of each shoe – the HE1 carbon fiber plate and the Flash DNA Tempo midsole – to launch the trainer faster than the brand. had to offer.

Development of Hyperion Elite 2 began in September 2019. Expected to be released on September 1 this year, the shoe is the fastest product developed in the company’s history, according to senior innovation developer Bryan Bhark. But the quick way to create the fastest shoe was not without its obstacles.

Seeking validation

Best Sneakers In 2017, the Brooks team started working on Elite 1, with the main goal of creating a very light and responsive driver capable of competing with competitors. They started with DNA Zero, a midsole 45% lighter than the brand’s BioMoGo DNA. Building the shoe with DNA Flash would be the next step, but the foam was not scalable at the time. It would be necessary to sample “a few million pairs” of Hyperion Tempo, said Bhark on Zoom, to give the team the security of calibrating the technology. Once the foam was validated, work began on HE2.

“There was a lot to learn from a production perspective on how to use DNA Flash,” he said. “We wanted to make sure we didn’t go back biomechanically [and] that the shoe would remain stable for the distance of the marathon.”
More energy return

The marriage of the DNA Flash midsole and the carbon fiber plate translates into a safer platform, with even greater recovery. The support and fluidity that Elite 1 lacked are provided in Elite 2. By implementing DNA Flash, runners get the cushioning they want.

In addition to the propulsion provided by the carbon fiber plate, a slight curvature of the heel and toe promotes faster rotation. Similar to Saucony’s SpeedRoll and Hoka’s Meta-Rocker, this new feature is Brooks Rapid Roll technology. It is this rocking movement when you flex your calves while standing, rolling forward in the running position.

We have yet to send the HE2 to the RW Shoe Lab, but according to Brooks measurements, the shoe has 14% more cushioning than the Elite 1 and has 14% more energy return. The foam also compresses 37% more than the original shoe. This shift translates into greater elasticity and a softer and more elastic midsole. The height of the pile on the forefoot and heel is higher than 2 mm.

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Like its predecessor, the sneaker still has a wider platform than its closest competitors, namely Nike Vaporfly Next%. This provides more stability and a more flexible fit. Kacamata Rayban

As for durability, many of our readers have criticized Hyperion Elite’s 160km lifespan. Depending on how aggressive your pace is (and if you want to save this shoe when you want to set up a PR), Brooks estimates that the two can last from 200 to 400 miles before retiring.

Because it is unisex, the size can be a little loose for women, especially around the heel. Personally, I would have liked the upper to be more comfortable during rehearsals. While the paper-heeled necklace is consistent with Elite 1, I would have preferred a more traditional necklace, like Hyperion Tempo, with this update, even if it meant extra weight. The language also tended to decentralize in the middle.


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