Caldera 4 has a thicker midsole and sole for greater connection and cushioning without adding extra volume.

Branded Shoes, The Caldera is the lonely trail shoe on the Brooks power line, but it bears little resemblance to its cousins ??to street shoes, except for its sole purpose: to provide high energy returns in its run. Instead of DNA Amp – the dense polyurethane foam in the midsole surrounded by TPU – the shoe has BioMoGo DNA to aid elastic walking. The biodegradable EVA based foam adapts to its shape and gait. Knowing already the high DNA recovery of BioMoGo after following the fast launch 7, I was not disappointed by my races on Caldera 4. Our wear testers have tried the same thing.

Said one: “I like the lift and the pillow, because the shoe seems to push you forward.”

Boiler 4 [width: D – Medium]

Still, the feel of the 4 is quite different from its predecessor. In some consecutive races rotating the two models, the most obvious change I felt was the wider overall adaptation compared to the 3; I had to stop a few times to tighten the laces to feel more secure. The new model may also require a little more strain on your legs if you are used to the thinner construction of the previous version.

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Ready for the path

The Caldera 4 has almost everything you need in a trail shoe. A mudguard and TPU toe protect and protect your feet from winding paths. The coach has collected some crushed stones and sand on a path, but the leg warmers, which can be attached to the heel tab, can easily solve this small problem. The tongue of the lace maker also prevents obstacles from getting hurt. Best Sneakers

One thing that Caldera 4 doesn’t have: a stone plate. But we didn’t focus on what the shoe was missing from our tracks; testers praised the pile’s high height and thick midsole, saying they felt protected from debris from the path. “The ride was smooth and flexible,” said one tester. “They just came with you.” I can understand. On a rocky stretch near a stream, I did not feel pain in my feet or legs as I ran over twisted roots and curved rocks.

Non-slip traction

Shoes And Sneakers, Consistent with the Caldera line, it is the incredible traction of the shoes on slippery and wet surfaces. The TrailTack tire had testers that ran reliably on wet rocks without slipping. The non-aggressive terminals also facilitated the transition from road to runway. A small criticism is that the shoe has not stood still on a looser ground, a disadvantage of a less pronounced floor when the path becomes muddy. Kacamata Rayban


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