The 14 best trail running shoes Part 3


Sportiva Bushido II

Branded Shoes, This trail crusher crusher provides plenty of structure and support for a responsive platform. But the outsole is what we like the most: the sticky, aggressive fins delimit the perimeter and bottom of the shoe, making it easy to virtually grip rough terrain. We also appreciate the robust toe, which protects the foot in the event of a collision with the rocks. A breathable mesh upper and the right amount of cushioning in the midsole make this exceptional shoe versatile enough to handle long, slow and fast workouts.


361 degrees 361-Taroko

When you’re lucky enough to have a trail system within walking distance of your home, having a fantastic hybrid shoe is the clutch. The 361-Taroko doesn’t put a lot of foam underfoot to protect itself on the pavement, but it has enough to take you to the trailhead without that awkward feeling you could get from a straight, dirty shoe. Its strong directional fins offer a good grip without being sticky and the porous mesh upper (our favorite part) ventilates well but does not block water. We loved all the extra space in the toe box and the sturdy construction of the shoe. Just be careful: we felt the size was long. Best Sneakers


Arc’teryx Norvan SL

A trail shoe that weighs less than a running board? The Norvan SL, originally designed for weight conscious climbers, is lighter than light, with a volume of 6.4 ounces for a size of 8.5 men. All excess has been removed here, resulting in a snug shoe that feels firm and less padded underfoot, but moves with grip and agility. We unearthed the minimalist aesthetic, compact structure, and breathable mesh upper, even if for longer outings we would choose a shoe with more padding.

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Others Lone Peak 4.5

If your foam-filled tastes get to the firmer end, the Lone Peak 4.5 is a shoe to keep an eye on. Built with a rock plate in the midsole for protection from rough terrain, this sturdy trail shoe is designed to be light, strong and flexible enough. Our testers loved the wide toe and the clogged feel of Altra’s new lacing system. But the most popular aspect of the shoe is the claw-shaped beveled ears that offer excellent grip in all directions, on all surfaces. Shoes And Sneakers


La Sportiva Kaptiva

Water crossings are no problem for Kaptiva: La Sportiva has given it a new waterproof mesh upper and an adhesive rubber outsole with corkscrew-shaped fins that anchor the foot on slippery surfaces. There are no other conditions you can find, either, thanks to Kaptiva’s versatile versatility and firm yet roomy cushioning. A 6mm heel drop with a sense of safety on the ground makes dodging obstacles nimble and intuitive. TPU heel and forefoot and toe protections offer plenty of protection on rough terrain. Sportiva estimates that the shoe is best for running “medium-long distances” on the road, but we found that these lightweight shoes can cope with any long distance.


Salomon Supercross

Take everything you like about Speedcross 5: deep tread, ripstop upper, well-padded midsole, and sturdy, overall style, then tweak it slightly for better value. Ta-da! You have the Supercross. The shoe is part of the more sophisticated brother in some way: it’s made with a harder rubber compound, there is no specially designed lace garage for your laces (you just have to put those on) and it has a different language. But if you want a super tough trail runner that resists mud by protecting your foot from technical terrain, and you want it for a pre-sale price of $ 110, this is your shoe. Kacamata Rayban


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