The 14 best trail running shoes Part 1

The 14 best trail running shoes Part 1

Ready to hit the trails this spring? Although it is not a bad time to go into the woods in search of a winding fluid track to run, escaping into a silent track system in this moment of social departure from runners is a special surprise. Of course, if you’re going to conquer technical terrain, it’s helpful to have dedicated trail shoes that bite dirt and ice and cushion your feet against rocks. Check out the reviews at a glance below for five of our best trail options, or scroll down to see the full reviews of these trail running shoes and more from our test team’s favorites, as well as information on purchase. Branded Shoes

Why trail running?

What trail running means for each of us is as varied and unique as the off-road vehicle we travel. For some it is a transformative spiritual experience. But you don’t have to experience a transcendental mindset or nirvana to qualify as a trail runner. For many of us, running a small path adjacent to a local park is simply an easy way to add additional miles on a normal neighborhood circuit. These benefits are equally legitimate and inspire ultrarunners and weekend warriors to spend more time outdoors.

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These trail shoes

Runner’s World has the most comprehensive shoe testing process in the industry. We work with over 350 local runners of all abilities, ages and sizes for real world wear tests on asphalt roads, dirt roads and single track rocky paths. After a month of running for more than 100 miles, our testers report their results on features such as fit, comfort, performance and driving. While our testers put miles in their shoes, the same models undergo a series of mechanical tests in our shoe workshop, to objectively measure the cushioning, flexibility, thickness of the sole and the weight of each. Our test editors combine their shoe expertise with laboratory data and feedback from our wear testers to create useful and reliable reviews of each shoe we test. Best Sneakers

The following are trail shoes that we believe deserve special recognition because they are worthy of the feet of our readers. We tried these 14 shoes and at least one will probably give you the fit and function you need.


Hoka One One EVO Mafate 2

Hoka One One wins our informal “Don’t Mess It Up” award for using a skillful hand by updating the original (mostly fantastic) EVO Mafate. The upper is now more spacious and remains comfortable after the feet swell. And its Kevlar construction also protects the foot from road debris, while a soft and elastic panel on the top allows for toe expansion. The thick foam midsole provides a regular landing with a surprising return of energy. The thick and angular soles of the Vibram sole bite every surface of the path, helping us to dance through wet rock slabs and dig in the mud.


Brooks Boiler 3

This version of Brooks’ famous Caldera trail shoe has a higher heel and forefoot height for softer padding on technical slopes. Having said that, it does not sacrifice rigidity or weigh down the foot, offering maximum comfort with lightness. The breathable mesh upper allows water to enter but drains and dries quickly. And a new loop for the front gaiter and a lace protector prevent the laces from dragging or loosening midway. Shoes And Sneakers

Get everything on your way

Salomon Sense Ride 3

Sense Ride 3 is a favorite cult that works for many different joggers, from beginners to longtime trail runners. It could be a by-product of its two-layer cushioning system that adapts well to all distances, or it could be related to a moderate heel shift that is familiar to those who wear standard and zero drop shoes. . Our testers praised these features, in addition to soft cushioning, reliable traction and a durable mesh upper in these robust racer racers. Kacamata Rayban


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