The best long distance sneakers #2


Skechers GOrun 7+

The revamped GOrun maintains the HyperBurst cushion that made its predecessor a recovery hero on race day, but it looks much smoother and more flexible in this version. HyperBurst foam, an ever lighter iteration of EVA, on a durable rubber sole from Goodyear, makes the 7+ a shoe that supports higher mileage with a shock of caffeinated energy running underfoot; Our laboratory tests show a significant increase in the shoe’s responsiveness. The evaluators also reported that the thick, circular upper part of the mesh was surprisingly breathable and fitted well to the foot, although the toe looked a little narrow on the wide feet. Branded Shoes


New Balance FreshFoam Beacon v2

Best Sneakers, There is a lot to love about Beacon. It’s light. Its confortable. It can be fast, but it has enough cushioning to keep you in double-digit mileage. The second version significantly improves the fit (the shoe’s debut was short and small), but keeps New Balance’s innovative Fresh Foam cushioning unchanged, making it lightweight and well-cushioned. If you regularly jump from quick work to long runs and need a shoe that can keep up with both, this is a great candidate; The midsole is soft, but it is definitely not slow or soft.


Reebok Forever Floatride Energy 2

Shoes And Sneakers, If you’re looking for one of the best cushioning rates per dollar, take a look at this overall performance shoe. Although his energy return is really similar to his faster cousin, the Floatride Run Fast 2, he will not have the same jumping sensation in the races. Forever Energy remains lightweight with smooth heel to foot transitions, but heel cushioning is not so smooth. However, the upper part of the shoe fits much better and has a more comfortable heel collar than its predecessor, and a large amount of flexible rubber under the feet adds durability without compromising riding.


Inov-8 Trailroc G 280

The G 280 is the first shoe of the Trailroc trio (which also consists of the 285 and 270 lighter ones) to obtain the rubber infused with the brand’s graphene. This tough, sticky material now adds even more traction under the midsole, which holds a rigid rock plate at the forefoot between two layers of foam to provide underfoot protection without losing connection to the trail. Although the drop in the heel is quite high, our testers said it gives the shoe a more agile ride and a sense of propulsion, with much greater power return, which was missing from the 2017 model, the Trailroc 285. But one thing that didn’t changes since 285, it is the perfect fit of the shoe; The Trailroc line also provides a tighter toe box that tapers around the toes, making it ideal for narrow feet and thin socks.

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Brooks Transcend 7

The Transcend is a difficult shoe to define. On paper, it is a stability shoe, but the updated GuideRails system is subtle enough that neutral runners can use it without feeling interference on the way. It is also significantly lighter than the previous version; In fact, two of our testers called it the best Brooks shoe they have ever worn. This is due to the new DNA Loft midsole, which offers good cushioning, durability and rebound. Overall, Transcend is an excellent packhorse trainer – it can handle a lot of mileage and will keep your legs fresh, even when you travel the distance. Kacamata Rayban


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