light running shoes have come a long way for running shoes and regular shoes.

Since the boom in minimalism almost a decade ago, For example, when brands simply cut damping to save ounces, runners see mixed results. But move on to 2020, and the new midsole foams can now satisfy almost all cushioning preferences and still feel the weight of the feathers; In this list, you will find the very thin runners and the most comfortable shoes for the long run, and even the models of trails. While fewer shoes may not work for everyone, research shows that there is enough of a world for “minimalist” and “maximalistic” shoes if you build pace and mileage gradually.

Down for a science

The appeal of lightweight shoes is based on faster running performance and biomechanical science. Brands have perfected light running shoes by analyzing gait, using impact measurement devices and building shoes to encourage the natural shape rather than correct it. Flexible mesh upper, midsole and more subtle modifications, such as enlarged toes and lower drop platforms, are all innovations that created the current light trainer.

How we test

Not all light running shoes simulate running with bare feet. Some shoes are moderately cushioned, making them ideal for runners who want to switch to minimalism or for runners who want to go faster without sacrificing cushioning. The underlying road and track shoes floated at the top of our ratings as the lightest shoes in the group, and each pair offers some protective cushioning under the feet, according to data from the RW Shoe Lab. In addition, each pair has been tested on some wear testers in our pool of over 300 to get feedback on direction, durability, responsiveness and more.


Arc’teryx Norvan SL

Let climbers inhale the lightest trail shoe we’ve ever seen. After all, they are people who cut labels on their clothes just to scrape grass. Norvan SL (Arc’teryx code for “superlight”) was originally designed for climbers as a compact, lightweight shoe for quickly crossing climbing routes. As you can imagine, there’s not much in the shoes, but the brand’s minimalist aesthetic is full of technology. Branded Shoes


Nike Zoom Pegasus Turbo 2

When launched in 2018, the Nike Zoom Pegasus Turbo produced something we never knew we wanted until we heard it: ZoomX cushioning (the type found on the Vaporfly 4%) and light weight on a trainer daily. Now there is an update, the Zoom Pegasus Turbo 2, which maintains the fast midsole of the original shoe, but gets a reduced upper that lightens the shoe in half an ounce. Best Sneakers


Hoka One One Rincon

Rincon is like the popular Clifton, but lighter and more suitable for speedy days. In fact, this is exactly why Hoka created this version: as Clifton gained weight with each version and became a daily trainer, the company needed an option to fill the hole in the line. He has the same stack heights as the Clifton – 29 mm at the heel, 24 mm at the forefoot, according to Hoka – and should fit like the daily trainer. To help the shoe check in at 7.7 ounces (male size 9), use a lightweight reinforced mesh that holds the foot in place. Shoes And Sneakers

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Other Solstice XT

It has the light DNA of the Altra Solstice corridor and the construction of a robust cross-training shoe that provides support for more dynamic activities, such as strength work and agility circuits. Cushioning is sufficient for short daily runs, but the Solstice XT’s moderately soft forefoot and solid heel keep you on the floor, lifting weights or crouching. The deep grooves of the grid in the EVA midsole make it extremely flexible, while a wide groove that runs through the center of the sole helps to maintain balance. Kacamata Rayban


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