The 4 best Sneakers releases now #3 End

Under Armor Hovr Machina

Price: $ 150
Style: road

Shoes And Sneakers, Hovr Machina is Under Armor’s entry into this year’s growing field of coated shoes. Combining thick foam with a power plate and engineered mesh upper, the shoe is soft and comfortable enough for everyday wear, yet responsive on weekdays at high speed. However, some of our testers found the flat shape and stiff midsole of the shoe on the awkward side compared to a shoe with an oscillating platform. Carbon rubber in the heel and medial forefoot add durability, while blown rubber in the forefoot adds plenty of traction and cushioning.

Brooks Divide

Price: $ 100
Style: trace

Initially, the Divide doesn’t look like a trail runner, its widely spaced bump pattern is much less aggressive than either the Cascadia or the Brooks Caldera, but we found the TrailTack sole of the shoe to be excellent on rocky trails and wet surfaces. The upper also provides solid water drainage, and the firm midsole rock pad and plate are more than capable of protecting against rocks and debris. Our only complaints were with the perceived stiffness and weight of the shoe – we think they were heavier and less padded than the brand’s other trail shoes. But one of our testers praised the shoe as more of an “old-school athletic shoe,” without the now-sophisticated sophisticated lacing system or the wider toe, and said they held up on all surfaces they tested on. Branded Shoes

Kalenji Kiprun KS Light

Price: $ 100
Style: road

Best Sneakers, Kalenji Kiprun KS Light is the sneaker of the French brand Decathlon Sports, the largest sporting goods retailer in the world. But this really works to your advantage: the size and availability of the brand allow you to cut down on the middleman and keep costs down in this versatile and comfortable daily trainer. We discovered that these shoes are soft and stable, with minimal and light cushioning, especially suitable for light runners on the feet. The upper is simple and elegant, although the fit is comfortable, so you’ll definitely want to assess whether you prefer a more spacious toe box.

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Asics Dynaflyte 4

Price: $ 120
Style: road

This version of DynaFlyte hasn’t been modified much – the most important update here is a modified mesh upper, designed for better midfoot locking. Other than that, the 4 remains a responsive and stable road shoe suitable for racing. A one-piece EVA midsole provides responsive, responsive cushioning, while the high-abrasion rubber outsole is the base of the shoe with a smooth tread that won’t wear before the midsole. The upper part of the mesh provides space for the foot to extend, settle and breathe throughout the race.

Hoka One One Mach 3

Price: $ 140
Style: road

Runners looking for the rare “fast shoe with generous cushioning” should check out the Hoka’s Mach line. Although the shoe, one of Hoka’s lightest, has gotten a bit softer and heavier this round, the 3 still looks quick and responsive to everything from pacing races to marathons. Our testers found that Mach 3 is a bit stiff, but the overall route is the smoothest, thanks to Meta Rocker’s ability from the early stage to ease heel transitions. Kacamata Rayban


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