Top 10 best running shoes for women

Shoes and Sneakers, The best running shoes for women share the same class-leading characteristics with the best running shoes in general: they are light, comfortable, padded and provide enough support where you need it most. But this place of support is where you find some of the biggest differences between running shoes for men and women. Take a look at the top five options below, or browse deeper to get more detailed reviews of the shoes that got an especially high score from our reviewers. In addition, you will also find expert advice and tips for buying your next pair.

Lighter and smoother

Women’s shoes share some characteristics based on the characteristics that may or may not be applied to you. You may prefer a “male” shoe, as some men may feel more comfortable with a “female” shoe. Shoe designs are simply based on general group trends, such as women with less muscle mass than men and, as a result, tend to weigh less. For this reason, women’s shoes generally have a lighter and softer midsole to compensate for the lower degree of impact applied to the shoe with each stride. Branded Shoes

Foot shape

Studies of the shape of the foot have shown that women’s feet are not just smaller, narrower versions of men’s feet – there are differences in the overall shape that affect shoe adjustment. Women’s feet tend to be comparatively wider on the forefoot, with a narrower heel. Running shoe manufacturers take this statistical difference into account when designing their shoes and generally build them with different heel shapes and, sometimes, different heel materials between the two models of the same shoe. Companies like Altra, with their Fit4Her technology, design shoes specifically that anatomically reflect a woman’s foot.

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Hip factor

The researchers also found that because women tend to have wider hips than men, our feet are more likely to hit the ground through the soles of our shoes. The resulting internal movement of the foot is known as pronation, which explains why it is believed that more women are prone to men than men. Some women’s sneakers explain this growing trend with different materials used for support through the sole. Best Sneakers

How we test

We chose all shoes in this overview based on feedback from women in our test team, as well as the results from our RW shoe lab. We also do market research, research user feedback, talk to product managers and designers to find the best of the best. Each shoe was evaluated over hundreds of kilometers, paying attention to the overall performance, comfort, direction, longevity, value and, yes, even style, because who doesn’t want to feel good, alone. Trail? Here are our favorite sneakers for women so far this year. Kacamata Rayban


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