Best Running Shoes For 2019 (Part 15)

Best Running Shoes For 2019 (Part 15)

32. Saucony Guide ISO 2
Price: £ 107.99
Weight: 304 g (M), 245 g (W)
Heel / Toe Drop: 9.5 mm (M), 9 mm (B)

This shoe represents the Saucony brand in a microcosm: absolutely reliable and reserved. It provides adequate Kacamata Rayban support for overpronators while being responsive. A new mesh upper has been added and the heel counter continues to wrap around the inside of the shoe for added stability. A great option for heavier, wide-footed runners.

33. Asics Roadhawk FF 2
Price: £ 105
Weight: 278 g (M), 228 g (W)
Heel / Toe Drop: 11 mm (M), 10 mm (B)

A good name for a shoe that feels like you’re flying down the street – if you’re a light runner with a neutral foot. It’s like a cheaper version of the Asics DS trainer. If you need decent side support, this isn’t the right footwear for you, but if you’re looking for an affordable race day flyer with excellent responsiveness and a tight fit, it’s worth considering.

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34. New Balance Zante Pursuit
Price: £ 98.99
Weight: 209 g (M), 169 g (W)
Heel / Toe Drop: 7 mm (M), 4 mm (B)

The Zante Pursuit is one of the lightest shoes in the test and is perfect for light-footed runners, where every gram of weight and every millimeter of heel drop can make a difference. It differs enough from the Zante 4 that New Balance wants to claim it as a new model. A new knitted upper is lighter, has fewer parts and is more breathable. The midsole consists of one piece and not two parts.

The depth was increased by 2 mm to achieve an additional jump at high speed, while the rear part was reshaped to enclose the heel a little more tightly. There are often compromises when it comes to light shoes and sneakers, and this has proven itself here. The disadvantage of such a breathable upper is that the weather protection is zero. And the lack of midfoot support means that if you’re not a very efficient runner, you may find high-speed cornering an uncomfortable sideways movement.


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