Best Running Shoes For 2019 (Part 13)

Best Running Shoes For 2019 (Part 13)

26. Adidas Ultraboost 19
Price: £ 159.95
Weight: 310 g (M), 268 g (W)
Heel / Toe Drop: 10 mm (M), 10 mm (B)

This update to the Ultraboost is more important than previous versions because the changes have focused on making it a better running shoe and not a fashion shoe. The most notable improvement comes from the fit of the shoe. According to Kacamata Rayban, a new heel cap locks the heel in the shoe and feels comfortingly firm on the back of the foot, especially since the more streamlined and redesigned heel collar replaces the often flimsy and over-padded collar of the previous models. The rest of the shoe works as expected, Boost still delivers the familiar driving feel so fans can be safe.

27. Adidas Pulseboost HD
Price: £ 119.95
Weight: 340 (M)
Heel / Toe Drop: 8 mm (M), 8 mm (B)

The latest launch from Adidas introduces the latest innovation, Boost HD, which is more stable than Boost while maintaining the same energy return and comfort. With Spotify integration, which allows you to unlock a playlist from a QR code on the tongue, an adapted knit upper that hugs the foot, Adidas developed it for running in the city. That said, the laces are very thick and wire-like, which means that some testers have had difficulty pulling them tight around the foot.

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28. Nike Air Zoom Structure 22
Price: £ 104.95
Weight: 288 g (M), 252 g (W)
Heel / Toe Drop: 9 mm (M), 7 mm (B)

Reviews of a Nike shoe where the feedback is mostly negative are as rare as those of chicken teeth. Unfortunately, this is one of those occasions. The Structure is an extremely popular shoe because it has always done two things: it provides solid yet adaptable support for light to medium weight overpronators and it always looked good. The second part of this assignment was accomplished here too, but it’s a bit broke in terms of functionality.

The media support felt lumpy, while the outsole design and the last (outline) of the shoe is fairly simple and has not been updated in three versions. Testers reported a lack of responsiveness and felt they had to “fight” or “wear” the shoes and sneakers. When they ran, the reshaped heel counter gave a very loose fit no matter how the shoe was laced.


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