Best Running Shoes For 2019 (Part 12)

Best Running Shoes For 2019 (Part 12)

23. Nike Joyride
Price: £ 159.95

In August, Nike unveiled its latest innovation – the Joyride Run Flyknit, a high-padded running shoe specially designed to keep your legs fresh during recovery runs. Nike also unveiled some new innovations with the shoe – cushioning with the help of thousands of TPE beads. The pearls are designed for recreational runs and beginners alike and feel completely different from the soft foam of other Nike shoes on the market.

They offer a springy, responsive, and comfortable ride that Barton said took more than 400 miles in the test. Unlike the latest fast running shoes and sneakers from Nike, you don’t have to worry about the Joyride not enduring a workout cycle, but it’s best for shorter runs.

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24. Nike ZoomX Vaporfly NEXT%
Price: £ 250
Weight: 187 g (men’s size 8)
Heel / Toe Drop: 8 mm (M)

The fastest shoe allowance you can buy? Well, that depends on you and how much money you have (and you’ll need something), but this is the latest incarnation of Nike’s Breaking 2 shoe and it has already achieved some impressive results. Most of them are worth Kipchoge’s victory in London, of course.

Highlights include more ZoomX under the front, off-center laces to relieve the foot and more rubber under the feet.

Kacamata Rayban

25. Brooks Glycerin 17
Price: £ 140
Weight: 300.5 g
Heel / Toe Drop: 10 mm

Glycerin 17 has a simple task; Comfort, plain and simple. This neutral trainer is the plushest pair Brooks has to offer at the moment, and has thrilled many runners who just want a shoe that feels indulgent on their feet. While this makes it one of the heavier shoes on the market, the glycerin is also one of the softest when it comes to cushioning, and many will like it.


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