Best Running Shoes For 2019 (Part 8)

Best Running Shoes For 2019 (Part 8)

15. Hoka One One Rincon
Won: Best Debut 2019
Price: £ 105
Weight: 218 g (M), 179 g (W)
Heel / Toe Drop: 5 mm

Judging by the gushing feedback we received, Hoka not only hurled it out of the park with this shoe, but also cleared the entire district. It’s designed as a fast performance shoe that is similar in style to its other new offering, the Carbon X, but is significantly cheaper (around £ 55) and we can hardly tell the two apart in terms of performance. The weight information above could deceive you that it’s only for slim club runners, but far from it.

The shoe’s wide, flat outline and 5mm heel counter make it stable enough for slower runners without discouraging faster types, and there is still enough hoka cushioning to ensure excellent shock absorption. According to Kacamata Rayban, the flat tongue not only helps keep the weight down, it also means that you can ensure a good fit with the laces without having to tighten them. Judging by the breadth of sessions done in this shoe, this isn’t just for faster runs. We tried it on all routes, from the course to the marathon, and found that there was something for everyone.

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16. Skechers GoRun 7
Price: £ 117
Weight: 221 g (M), 173 g (W)
Heel / Toe Drop: 4 mm

Traditionally, the GoRun shoe was designed as an everyday training model, but we believe that the 7 is more than just a trample. The relatively low height of 19 mm on the heel and the offset of a total of 4 mm ensure a deep feeling. This, along with the knitted upper, the tight fit around the top of the foot and heel, and the addition of a new midsole foam called Hyperburst, meant that middle-distance runs came in at an effort of 7/10 or higher.

In addition, the lacing system is ideal for a secure fit that bends just enough with your foot without working loosely. So the shoes and sneakers have a lot to offer, but a few details still need to be worked on. Some testers found the fabric on the upper to be somewhat abrasive unless they were wearing thicker socks. The fit over the toes is disproportionately wide compared to other areas and the breathability is below average. All in all a fast shoe – suitable for everything up to a half marathon – which is still a bit rough on the edges.


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