Best Trends of Spring-Summer Footwear For 2020 Part 2

Best Trends of Spring-Summer Footwear For 2020 Part 2

Nowadays, it’s impossible to keep up with the sneaker hype cycle, regardless of every new, highly anticipated drop. However, it’s worth keeping up with the broader sneaker trends and what’s going on with smart shoes. Why? Because change is going on.

There is not much invention about more technology in our shoes, making our shoes and sneakers more technical and comfortable at the same time. Smart shoes become more casual, while some sneakers become more elegant. And then there is the breathtaking selection of designs today – with your shoes you can communicate your style and individuality better than almost anything else in your wardrobe.

So what are you wearing? These are the spring-summer shoe trends that we’re keeping pace with this year.

– Trail And Hiking Shoes Will Peak
Hiking shoes were very “in” in winter, so it makes sense that their little brothers and sisters, trail runners and the rather strange hiking sandals would carry the aesthetic torch into the sunny months.

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Trendsetter Balenciaga has recently taken over the trail runner, who is clearly attracted to the many layers and chunky soles. Two characteristics are reflected in the trail runner’s hyped cousin, the chunky trainer. The key is to use those layers and pluck for an explosion of colors, enough shades to make you talk about the office.

Conversely, the rise of the sandal is due to a bizarre re-evaluation of the lumpy shoes by the German shoemaker Birkenstock. As ridiculed as Crocs in the past, the brand has increased its holdings by working with some of the coolest brands in the world, including Rick Owens and Valentino. Imitation is of course the highest form of flattery and the practical sandal is a must for our German friends today in summer.

– Gum Soles Keep Things Retro

Retro sneakers are the shoe trend that doesn’t stop.

Kacamata Rayban

Basketball shoes from the eighties and chunky styles from the nineties mean that many sneakerheads have held at least one foot in the past, and this summer rubber sole shoes ensure that the mood of the future is preserved.

You can see the taffeta-colored sole on skate shoes and basketball shoes, retro runners and soccer coaches. They all remember smelly fitness classes years ago, opening up the insatiable market for sportswear. They’re a bit neat, a little streetwear, but whatever your tribe, the clash of colors between the upper and midsole gives your shoes a subtle point of interest that goes better with tailored pants than joggers.


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