Best Trends of Spring-Summer Footwear For 2020 Part 1

Best Trends of Spring-Summer Footwear For 2020 Part 1

Nowadays, it’s impossible to keep up with the sneaker hype cycle, regardless of every new, highly anticipated drop. However, it’s worth keeping up with the broader sneaker trends and what’s going on with smart shoes. Why? Because change is going on.

There is not much invention about more technology in our shoes and sneakers, making our shoes more technical and comfortable at the same time. Smart shoes become more casual, while some sneakers become more elegant. And then there is the breathtaking selection of designs today – with your shoes you can communicate your style and individuality better than almost anything else in your wardrobe.

So what are you wearing? These are the spring-summer shoe trends that we’re keeping pace with this year.

– The Return Of The Boat Shoe
Boat shoes have not been cool for some time. Unfortunately, they started with the “classy” brush, and since any piece of clothing associated with old money can refer to it, that’s not a good thing. But with the endless cycle of things coming back in vogue, boat shoes are experiencing a renaissance.

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Street prep is not a common term, but it should be. The boat shoe is the footwear of choice for this new-style tribe, which has taken over items of clothing such as rugby shirts, corduroys, oxford shirts and chinos, but made them a bit cooler. For example, chinos can be intentionally cut wider.

The boat shoes are also a little different – they may have clunky command soles or they are simplified with less details and a more moccasin feel. The point is that you see them more on the city streets than on the deck of a yacht.

– Techno Trainers Get Another Update
Yes, we know, technically, all trainers are technical, but while some trainers (especially the minimal ones) make an effort to hide their nuts, bolts, and scientific innovations, technical trainers wear their functionality loudly and proudly.

Here a swimming sole or there an elastic side tip. The best technical trainers show how they work from the outside and should look as if they are ready to perform. For styles whose performance matches their outward appearance, contact the usual Kacamata Rayban suspects like Nike and Adidas who are trying to add the latest shoe wizards.

When styling, make sure that technical trainers look like something you’ve been attracted to on a whim. Pay attention to what you’re wearing on your lower half if you’re smarter than usual, and avoid light or medium-sized jeans at all costs.


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