3 Best Luxury Minimalist Trainer Brands

3 Best Luxury Minimalist Trainer Brands

If you haven’t lived under a soundproof rock, you’ll have noticed that some of the most lustful trainers of late have been bulky, acidic objects that are likely to be seen from space.

But whatever the latest coaching trends are, there’s always room in the men’s wardrobe for a pair of slimmed-down sneakers – mostly because they effortlessly spice up lifeless jeans or give you a bit of bragging rights.

Whether you’re ready to carry a load of low-tops or need price-conscious picks, here are 3 luxury brands that make stylish shoes and sneakers for the DL.

1. Saint Laurent
The reign of Hedi Slimane in Saint Laurent led the Paris fashion house into new territory. But forget the luxurious leather jackets and the circulation-intensive skinnies. The magic was going on in the shoes all the time.

Post-Slimane, the label’s blatant trainers, still prefer an edgy approach, with understated low-tops made from premium leather and suede, often embroidered with the brand’s nickname in a handwritten sketch.

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2. Common Projects
When Common Projects launched its iconic Achilles model in 2004, men’s fashion enthusiasts and brand founders Peter Poopat and Flavio Girolami had no idea that they would change the entire shoe industry.

As a catalyst for the rise of the luxury coach, the brand, which is recognizable by the use of gold-stamped serial numbers, is now an integral part of the front row and on the feet of celebrities such as Alexander Skarsgard and Drake to Nick Jonas and Kanye West.

3. Lanvin
According to Kacamata Rayban, Lanvin, the oldest couture house in France, has remained relevant by bridging the gap between chic and casual. So it’s no big shock that tasteful coaches make up a significant part of this heavy hit’s repertoire.

The mesh runners and nubuck basketball shoes include patent leather sneakers that could be examined with a dinner suit, as well as other weekend styles that serve as the perfect bookends for pinroll jeans.


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