3 Best Traditional Minimalist Trainer Brands

3 Best Traditional Minimalist Trainer Brands

If you haven’t lived under a soundproof rock, you’ll have noticed that some of the most lustful trainers of late have been bulky, acidic objects that are likely to be seen from space.

But whatever the latest coaching trends are, there’s always room in the men’s wardrobe for a pair of slimmed-down shoes and sneakers – mostly because they effortlessly spice up lifeless jeans or give you a bit of bragging rights.

Whether you’re ready to carry a load of low-tops or need price-conscious picks, here are 3 traditional brands that make stylish shoes for the DL.

1. Grenson
Grenson, who is active in a shoe market that is increasingly interested in young weapons and nervous newbies, has shackled its class over the past few seasons and has a firm eye on the future with its not so dusty sneakers.

Of course, British footwear has not completely forgotten its legacy. Every design of the brand is made of luxury fabrics such as hand-painted calf leather and is designed for the coming decades.

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2. Church’s
Prada-owned Church’s might have been represented as the focal point for fine formal footwear since 1873, but then, a few contemporary trainers prove that old, valued dogs can actually learn new tricks.

With designs based on the brand’s classic derby shoes, each lacing is a chic ode to the sidewalk that is not out of place at the end of a bespoke two-piece suit.

3. John Lobb
John Lobb was founded in 1866 and is now managed by Hermès. Around 1,000 pairs of shoes are made each week and are admired worldwide.

No wonder that the sporty inspired kicks of the well-known brand are just as successful as the incredibly attractive men’s boots.

Kacamata Rayban

Many models are made in Italy with the same flawless craftsmanship as any evening shoe to create the kind of shoes that are modest from a distance but look distinctive up close.


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