3 Best Contemporary Minimalist Trainer Brands

3 Best Contemporary Minimalist Trainer Brands

If you haven’t lived under a soundproof rock, you’ll have noticed that some of the most lustful trainers of late have been bulky, acidic objects that are likely to be seen from space.

But whatever the latest coaching trends are, there’s always room in the men’s wardrobe for a pair of slimmed-down sneakers – mostly because they effortlessly spice up lifeless jeans or give you a bit of bragging rights.

Whether you’re ready to carry a load of low-tops or need price-conscious picks, here are 3 contemporary brands that make stylish shoes and sneakers for the DL.

1. Axel Arigato
Axel Arigato, probably the most productive name in the game, has launched a new shoe or sneaker style every week since the company started in summer 2014.

The Swedish label also sells directly to its customers through its website and Instagram-worthy brick-and-mortar stores. No middleman is tantamount to cheaper prices, which means you can update your collection regularly without having to sell (or skip the rent) older pairs to fund your habit.

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2. Eytys
Once you’ve figured out how to pronounce the name (it’s for your information in the 1980s), the next task is to search the flashier masher of this Stockholm-based company to discover its more conservative designs.

The idea of Jonathan Hirschfeld and the former Acne Studios designer Max Schiller, the unisex platform sneaker from Eytys, has achieved cult status and shelf space in some of the most influential shops in the world, but is the only prey of his very first Kacamata Rayban foray into the shoe industry (known) as the ‘mother’) that makes us come back for more.

3. ETQ
Amsterdam-based footwear brand ETQ launched in 2010 with the goal of avoiding excessive branding to show that being Scandinavian isn’t a prerequisite to nailing the entire understated design.

The colors of the hand-sewn leather upper and the vulcanized soles look moody, clean and subdued, but the shape makes things more interesting. In addition to classic low-top designs, there are many chunkier iterations as we imagine minimalism might look like in the future.


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