3 Best High Street Minimalist Trainer Brands

3 Best High Street Minimalist Trainer Brands

If you haven’t lived under a soundproof rock, you’ll have noticed that some of the most lustful trainers of late have been bulky, acidic objects that are likely to be seen from space.

But whatever the latest coaching trends are, there’s always room in the men’s wardrobe for a pair of slimmed-down shoes and sneakers – mostly because they effortlessly spice up lifeless jeans or give you a bit of bragging rights.

Whether you’re ready to carry a load of low-tops or need price-conscious picks, here are 3 high street brands that make stylish shoes for the DL.

1. Cos
If minimalism could be combined into a single one-stop shop, it would undoubtedly be cos. While the Swedish retailer likes to experiment with the strange experimental form of its clothing range, the trainers on offer have planted their feet firmly in an area with a simpler design.

But that doesn’t mean that cos kicks are boring. But on the contrary. Clear lines, high-quality materials and simple design flourishes unite to an orgy of perfect taste, all of which are packaged in neat lacing and slip-on styles.

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2. Reiss
If you’re traveling to Reiss this is likely to be a slim suit or vacation wardrobe that will not immediately distinguish you as a tourist. But uncomplicated footwear is also one of the specialties of the high-street brand, and it is not surprising that none of the trainers you find here are equipped with excess luggage.

Reiss sneakers rarely deviate from a cohort of colors that are harmless to color phobes. They are made of smooth leather, brushable suede and almost microscopic perforation details. That’s because great design doesn’t have to be seen from a distance.

3. H&M
According to Kacamata Rayban, while many shoe brands have to design their products at least six months in advance, turnaround time on the main street can be closer to six weeks, so inexpensive retailers can quickly release pinpoint models at prices that make it less nerve-wracking to deal with trends and financially ruinous.

Let’s take H&M: In addition to simple styles that cost less than a round of drinks, the retailer offers a premium line of luxurious-looking sneakers that are outfitted with the latest details such as rubber soles.


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