3 Best Affordable Minimalist Trainer Brands

3 Best Affordable Minimalist Trainer Brands

If you haven’t lived under a soundproof rock, you’ll have noticed that some of the most lustful trainers of late have been bulky, acidic objects that are likely to be seen from space.

But whatever the latest coaching trends are, there’s always room in the men’s wardrobe for a pair of slimmed-down sneakers – mostly because they effortlessly spice up lifeless jeans or give you a bit of bragging rights.

Whether you’re ready to carry a load of low-tops or need price-conscious picks, here are 3 affordable brands that make stylish shoes and sneakers for the DL.

1. Superga
Italian brand Superga clad men’s feet with clean trainer designs long before minimalism was a real movement for men’s fashion.

Being named after the Basilica di Superga near the factory in which it was founded in 1911, the company is best known for its 2750 model, which is characterized by the upper made of cotton cloth and the vulcanized rubber soles.

The eternal appeal of these coaches, of course, lies in their ability to filter out the excitement (the only additional detail is the unique side-tag branding) and to focus on the core requirements that men need for a trustworthy pair of kicks: mainly quality, comfort and timeless visuals.

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2. Adidas
Countless brands have taken the minimalist sneaker with them, but all owe their success to one model: the Adidas Stan Smith.

The world’s first leather tennis shoe, released in 1963, was originally named after French tennis player Robert Haillet until he retired a decade later. As Stan Smith, he remained primarily seen as a sports shoe until his re-release in 2014, when he became part of the men’s uniform du jour.

Far from being the only stripped-down silhouette in the brand’s cannon, the Gazelle, Campus and Superstar models have been revived in recent years to build on Smith’s success.

Sometimes you just can’t beat an original.

Kacamata Rayban

3. Clae
The celebrity-studded streets of Los Angeles are hardly a mecca for minimalism, but despite all the adversity, the Clae brand was founded here around the turn of the millennium.

Born with the goal of modernizing the classic tennis form, additional silhouettes such as Chelsea boots with Vibram sole and wool tops have expanded the mix in recent seasons, but the bestseller will always be the Bradley Low, which is fresher than wet – above. Who said Cali can’t make Scandinavian cool?


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