What To Look For In A Running Shoe

What To Look For In A Running Shoe

Running shoes and sneakers are not cheap. Most quality models don’t change much from £ 100, and at the top end you look north of £ 150. The right investment, however, delivers advanced technologies and materials that greatly improve your running experience. At the end of the budget (there are some models for around £ 50), the minimum requirements that you can expect and should be aware of are a midsole with adequate cushioning, a breathable upper to cool your feet, and a durable outsole (below) Shoe), which is adapted to the shape of your foot and offers good support.

If you’re moving into the mid-range price range (around the £ 80-110 mark), you should look for more sophisticated technologies and features, such as: B. non-slip laces, odorless insoles, more support and stability functions when you need them. At the premium end, look for more advanced versions of the technology with components that are more specified and, above all, lighter.

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According to Kacamata Rayban, runners attach great importance to weight, and for good reason: A wealth of scientific studies, which were recently supported by a study in the Locomotion Laboratory at the University of Colorado, have shown that you use more energy with heavier shoes, about 1% more effort per 100 g shoe. That may not sound like much until you reach the 20th mile of a marathon or knock 30 seconds of your 50-minute 10km time. But it is worth spending a lot of money to stroll easily.

Running shoe Jargon Decoder
– Heel Counter: A plastic insert which makes the shoe’s heel cup stronger and more supportive.
– Drop: This is the difference between the heel’s and the forefoot’s height.
– Last: the outline of the shoe.
– Lateral: The outside of the shoe.

– Medial: the inside (arch) of the shoe.
– Midsole: This is the section between the upper and outer sole. The machine room that contains the cushioning and any stability technology.
– Outsole: the bottom of the shoe.
– Toebox: The piece in front in which the forefoot and toes are located.


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