2020’s Trendiest Sneakers (Part 1)

2020’s Trendiest Sneakers (Part 1)

Everyone is talking about some big questions as we carefully advance into 2020: will we be drawn into the Third World War? How are we able to prevent the entire planet from burning to ashes? And much less necessary: what will be the next big event in the world of shoes and sneakers?

Unfortunately, we are not really equipped to answer the first two questions. These matters go too far beyond our expertise in men’s clothing. When the early 2010s brought us a crisp white top, minimalist silhouettes, and the very first hint of a later revival in the 90s, 2020 will offer a sharp contrast. From haute-couture collaborations to seeing you again in 2000, these are the sneaker trends that you should learn about over the next 12 months.

High-Fashion Hookups
This time, ten years ago, you were laughed at by tall, slim, handsome people who smoked tiny menthol cigarettes to suggest working with Air Jordan and Christian Dior, and yet we’re here.

According to Kacamata Rayban, the Sacai x Nike LDWaffle was probably the biggest release of the year in 2019, and with the Air Dior sneaker mentioned earlier and another from Adidas and Prada that will arrive later this year, the trend for high fashion collaborations is only becoming clear greater.

Haute couture houses that connect with sneaker brands are symptomatic of a larger, overarching trend. This is another step towards making streetwear the new normal of fashion – and has been for a few years. For everyone who was tried to convinced that it was just a flash in the pan, this should be further proof of Streetwear’s staying power in the fashion industry.

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More Gore
Function going fashion was one of the most vital and important moments of the fashion of men in 2019. Models were shown on the catwalks in technical outerwear, bags were everywhere and Gore-Tex surpassed fleece and cord as the hottest fabric. Dressing up for ice climbing in the Karakoram had never looked so good.

But the performance fabrics didn’t just stop at our ankles. An influx of Gore-Tex sneakers were brought by AW19, some of which were shockingly wearable. Waterproof versions of classic styles like the Adidas Stan Smith, Superstar, and Nike Air Force One all flew off the shelves, solving the age-old sneakerhead winter dilemma of rocking when the weather turns sour. Expect more of this as we prepare for the new year.


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