How To Lace Different Types of Shoes Part 2

How To Lace Different Types of Shoes Part 2

Not all shoes and sneakers should be laced the same way. Let us guide you through some of the most popular styles and learn how to lace everyone like a pro.

– Oxford
Your Oxford dress shoes differ from most other shoes in your closet in that they use so-called closed laces. This means that the shoe’s vamp is sewn over the bottom of the shoelaces, which results in a slightly less flexible fit, but offers a much more formal look.

When it comes to picking shoelaces, they should be thin, round, and the same color as your shoes – a black tie event is no time for risky style experiments.

Use either a straight rod tip or a straight European tip to attach. Both work well because they leave a clean, clear pattern on the top of the shoe while allowing easy adjustment.

– Derby
The derby is the shoe of choice for office workers and business people around the world. This is not least due to the unique blend of comfort and elegant look – a blend that no other footwear can offer.

In contrast to its more elegant cousin, the Oxford, the Derby has an open lacing system that makes wearing it a little more flexible and forgiving for longer periods. However, it can be laced in the same way.

Use a thin, round toe in the same color as the shoe and attach using either the straight lacing method or the European straight method. Both ensure a neat appearance, while the settings can be made easily and conveniently.

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– Desert Boots
Apart from white sneakers, the footwear is hardly more versatile than a pair of desert boots. These adaptable all-rounders are characterized by the fact that they usually have only four eyelets. So lacing couldn’t be easier.

The most important thing to take with you is that the laces are not too long as they don’t have to stretch very far. So try to pick something pretty short.

Take a thin, flat tip of the same color as the shoe and make sure it is short enough so that you don’t lose any more meters. Then use the cross lacing technique to secure it in place.

– Hiking Boots
Whether you use it to climb the north face of the Matterhorn or just have a winter coffee, hiking shoes are the loyal old buddy who always has his back. Return the Kacamata Rayban favor and make sure they’re properly tied up to say thank you.

Both flat and round shoelaces work well here and there are even ways to experiment with colors. A yellow, red or a tasteful two-tone or multi-colored tip can work as long as you have thought a little. You should also make sure that the laces are long enough to reach all the way up.

Cross lacing is the only and the most common way to get the job done here. So thread the top through the bottom eyelets and do exactly what you would do with a pair of sneakers.


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