How To Lace Your Converse Sneakers (Part 2)

How To Lace Your Converse Sneakers (Part 2)

How you lace up your sneakers depends on your personal style. Do you prefer a functional approach that keeps your sneakers on your feet or something more different and open-minded (something out of the box)? Give your shoes and sneakers a unique touch and discover our preferred ways to lace up the classics.

The Straight Across
Keep it simple with The Straight Across. This minimalist approach is perfect for casual shoes where the lacing style shouldn’t overwhelm the sneaker.

How To Do The Straight Across Lacing :
1. Starting from the lower left eyelet, tie a knot at the end of the tip.
2. Then run the cord straight over (not under) the opposite lower eyelet.
3. Insert the lacing (from below) into the second eyelet.

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4. Cross the opposite eye and go through.
5. Continue with this pattern on the sneaker, cross the opposite hole, go through the above and then cross over again.
6. When you reach the top last eyelet, pull the cord through and tie a knot to secure it.

The Train Track
As the name suggests, The Train Track has laces on the tongue and eyelets. This unique lacing style goes perfectly with your favorite Kacamata Rayban sneakers.

How To Do The Train Track Lacing :
1. Start at the bottom and lace just over the bottom (not over the top).
2. Pass the laces over the outside of the shoe and insert them into the second eyelets.
3. Cross one cord under the other and pull out the second eyelet.
4. Pass the laces over the outside of the shoe again and pass them through the third eyelets.
5. Repeat this process on the sneaker by crossing the laces back and guiding the laces up along the outside to the next eyelet.
6. When you get to the top, hide the laces behind your tongue.


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