How To Lace Your Converse Sneakers (Part 1)

How To Lace Your Converse Sneakers (Part 1)

How you lace up your sneakers depends on your personal style. Do you prefer a functional approach that keeps your sneakers on your feet or something more different and open-minded (something out of the box)? Give your shoes and sneakers a unique touch and discover our preferred ways to lace up the classics.

The Lightning Bolt
The lightning bolt lacing is not the common thing you see every day. The simple design is suitable for both solid color laces and gradient laces and offers an entertaining variant of a classic lacing style for your sneakers.

How To Do The Lightning Bolt Lacing :
1. Tie a knot in the upper right or left eyelet, depending on which direction the lightning should go.
2. Pull it to the diagonally opposite corner (e.g. if you started at the top right, pull it through to the bottom left).
3. Pull it through the eyelet at the top where you are finished, and then pass it to the opposite lower eyelet (same side as the top of the lightning bolt).

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4. Insert it into the eyelet where you are finished.
5. Cross it back and continue this pattern over the flash. It should resemble a ladder lacing style.
6. Continue with this until you have the last eyelet tied up and tie a knot on the inside after it is done to secure the laces.

The Loop Back
Safe and strong, like a chain link fence, The Loop Back is a cool style that gives your shoes some flair. According to Kacamata Rayban, this woven pattern goes well with both high and low tops.

How To Do The Loop Back Lacing :
1. Start at the bottom eyelets and lace over the bottom (not over the top).
2. Pull both ends of the laces toward the center.
3. Cross the laces and then twist them. Thread the ends through the second eyelets. It should look like two pieces of chain connected together.
4. Continue with this pattern, cross the laces and roll up the shoe
5. When you get to the top, hide the laces in the sneaker to complete the look.


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