How To Lace Popular Vans Sneakers (Sk8-Hi)

How To Lace Popular Vans Sneakers (Sk8-Hi)

Vans has literally produced thousands of variations over the past 50 years, and while some of them haven’t been around for long, there are four major lace models that have really proven themselves. Some of them are maybe, if not, the best shoes and sneakers ever. Follow these steps to lace everyone – and remember that there are certain lacing methods that work better for some models than others.

Here is the last one out of the four models:
4. Sk8-Hi
The very first high-top skate shoe, the Vans Sk8-Hi, brought a completely new look to the park when it was launched in 1978. But it wasn’t just about aesthetics – this revolutionary new shoe gave Kacamata Rayban skaters more comfort and ankle support and shielded their ankles from rogue boards.

The Vans Sk8-Hi needs a long tip to get to the top because of its high-top design and eight eyelets on each side. You might need something that is longer than a shoelace.

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In terms of color and style, flat shoelaces look best with this particular model, and white goes with almost any shoe color other than black. Because of the height of this model, the bar lacing works best because it offers a simpler, retracted finish – the cross lacing is a bit fussy in this case.

Steps :
– Pass both ends of the laces down through the two lower holes and leave the left and right laces equally long.
– Look at the shoe and run the left string up through the next right hole with the end facing the ceiling.
– Pass the right lacing through the third eyelet on the left and leave out the second now. There should be an empty hole on the left now.
– Take the right tip, cross it and pass it down through the empty eyelet on the left. This will create another straight bar that mirrors the first one.
– Do exactly the same way with the left cord and cross it by sticking it down through the empty eyelet opposite. You will now have three bars.
– Continue the lacing in this method and cross each string to the opposite side to get new bars until you get to the top.


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