How To Lace Popular Vans Sneakers (Old Skool)

How To Lace Popular Vans Sneakers (Old Skool)

Vans has literally produced thousands of variations over the past 50 years, and while some of them haven’t been around for long, there are four major lace models that have really proven themselves. Some of them are maybe, if not, the best shoes and sneakers ever. Follow these steps to lace everyone – and remember that there are certain lacing methods that work better for some models than others.

Here is the second one out of the four models:
2. Old Skool
The Old Skool is the original chunky trainer and the first shoe to feature the now well-known Vans side stripe. It is similar in form to the Era, but has an additional cover that increases the durability when shredding on a board.

With a mixture of suede and canvas construction and reinforced seams in the most stressed areas, the Vans Old Skool was the most durable skate shoe of its time. It also has a few more eyelets than its predecessors, which means you need a longer length of laces. Today it’s an unarguable classic silhouette, immune to the ups and downs of sneaker trends.

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Either a cross lacing like the models above or a straight bar lacing are the best ways to tie things together. In the second way, thread the tip through the lower eyelets and work in an S-shaped pattern. According to Kacamata Rayban, leave the clear, horizontal lines above and make sure that no other material remains hidden below the tip guards. This is a more complicated technique than cross-lacing, but it results in a cleaner, more minimal look that complements the silhouette of the Old Skool.

Steps :
– Pass both ends of the laces down through the two lower holes and leave the left and right laces equally long.
– Look at the shoe and run the left string up through the next right hole with the end facing the ceiling.
– Now pass the right lacing through the third eyelet on the left and leave out the second. There should be an empty hole on the left now.
– Take the right tip, cross it and pass it down through the empty eyelet on the left. This should create another straight bar that mirrors the first one.
– Do exactly the same with the left cord and cross it by sticking it down through the empty eyelet opposite. You should now have three bars.
– Continue the lacing in this way and cross each string to the opposite side to get new bars until you get to the top.


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