Considerations When Re-lacing Shoes

Considerations When Re-lacing Shoes

Nothing is ever easy, is it? And now you can add new laces for your shoes to the list. However, it doesn’t have to be difficult. Just go through and follow these instructions and you won’t go wrong.

When you lace up your shoes again. Robbie Evans, Purchasing Manager for men’s own brands at Kurt Geiger said it really depends on the type of shoes and sneakers. If it’s formal, ideally use a solid round tip, or you can be bolder and contrast a light brown leather shoe with a dark blue or burgundy, for example.

You can be more creative with sports shoes – you can be braver with the different sizes and colors to create different looks.

– Length of Lace
A chain is as strong as its feeblest link. That means these shoes that you’ve cut rent for next month may be special, but they’ll still look great if they have some dangling shoelaces every time you take a step what rabbit ears look like. To make sure you’re doing it right, measure your old shoelaces before buying a new pair to make sure they fit the shoe well.

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– Width of Lace
Fat shoelaces may have been cool when you were seventh and the names of your favorite bands in pens were on your pencil case. But as a grown man? Not as much. As a rule, you shouldn’t aim for anything over 1 cm, and you should be able to avoid looking too ridiculous.

– Colour
It should go without saying, but neon shoelaces aren’t exactly the most style-conscious step you can take as a man. Or a woman. Or a child. Or animal. Or … you have the idea. In general, you should use Kacamata Rayban laces that either match or complement the color of your shoes. Brown shoes = brown shoelaces, white shoes with blue accents = white or blue shoelaces. And so on.

– Materials
You have probably never thought about the composition of your shoelaces, but we live in the future and as such you can make shoelaces from very special materials. For your winter shoes you should consider waxed or even kevlar shoelaces, while in most other situations cotton, cord or nylon offer the best conditions.


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