5 Ways To Lace Your Shoes Part 2

5 Ways To Lace Your Shoes Part 2

According to the math, which is impossible to understand, there are a staggering 400 million ways to tie an average seven-eyed stomper, according to the renowned New Scientist publication. Luckily, we’re not going to look at all of them today, but here are some of the most important lacing methods that are worth filling your boots with.

4. Straight Bar Lacing
If you like your shoelaces neat, tidy, and clear, this may be the lacing method you’ve been looking for. The laces run directly from eyelet to eyelet horizontally over the top of the shoe. The entire excess runs up and under the shoelace protection on each side, so that the shoes and sneakers can be tightened as usual.

Steps :
– Pass both ends of the laces down through the two lower holes and leave the left and right laces equally long.
– Look at the shoe and run the left string up through the next right hole with the end facing the ceiling.
– Now pass the right lacing through the third eyelet on the left and leave out the second. There should now be an empty hole on the left.
– Take the right tip, cross it and pass it down through the empty eyelet on the left. This should create another straight bar that mirrors the first one.
– Do exactly the same with the left cord and cross it by sticking it down through the empty eyelet opposite. You should now have three bars.
– Continue lacing this way and cross each string to the opposite side to get new bars until you get to the top.

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5. Commando Lacing
If you no longer wear underpants, you can experience even more thrills with this military-inspired lacing technique the next time you put on your boots. One end of the cord is permanently anchored in the lower eyelet and runs in an S-shaped pattern on the front of the boot.

The other end is used for tying in a slip knot on the cord above.

Kacamata Rayban

Steps :
– Tie a stopper knot to one end of the string before threading the unknotted end up and through the lower right eyelet until the knot is taught under the vampire.
– Take the non-knotted end and pass it straight through the opposite lower eyelet.
– Now put it up and through the eyelet directly above it before crossing back down and through the opposite eyelet.
– Repeat this step over each eyelet until you get to the top. Now tie another stopper knot to tie it.


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