The Best Winter Boots Styles Part 3

The Best Winter Boots Styles Part 3

Brogue Boots
If you’re not ready to go into the bear’s caves with a pair of hiking boots or shoes and sneakers, there are other, more subtle ways to add some natural influences to your winter look. The brogue boot is a sartorial hybrid that has the same soothing weight and solid construction of hiking boots, but with the wing-tip country manour elegance of brogues.

As a rule of thumb, you can wear your brogue boots with any outfit you normally wear with traditional brogues, so tie up a pair of dark brown or black leather with a stronger wool suit and combined pants and shirt / cardigans.

Due to their winter readiness, brogue boots are also well suited for parts that bridge the sophisticated gap, such as heavy knitwear, gilets, waxed and quilted jackets and traditional fabrics such as cord and tweed.

While sock flashes aren’t necessarily frowned upon when you wear a pair of them, it doesn’t quite match the finesse of the brogue boot either. Instead, glue on pants with a clean break (i.e., that ends at the top set of lace eyelets), or roll up more casual pants and jeans to the same point for an elegant finish.

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Pay attention to rubberized soles to ensure additional functionality for the winter.

Kacamata Rayban

Combat-Style Boots
Like most man’s clothing, boots have a proud history of military service. From high lace-up shoes designed to keep the trench foot to modern tactical designs, combat boots have seen a number of victories on the fashion front.

At the moment they won not only the battles but also the warcore. The trend towards combat pants, holsters and anything military related means there is rarely a better time to buy this style. Not that you have to leave the house like a character from Call of Duty.

Check out Ryan Gosling’s character in Blade Runner 2049. He wore tactical boots that you can buy on Amazon with a striking coat. Or the designer Charlie Caseley-Hayford, who wears his typical high boots with classic tailoring. Streetwear fans could combine them with jeans and a bomber. Or a simple middle ground is Heritage Wear: wool, twill cotton, generous fits and a lot of herringbone patterns.


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