The Best Winter Boots Styles Part 1

The Best Winter Boots Styles Part 1

Hiking Boots
Have you spent your weekend training on an upcoming trip to Kilimanjaro? If the answer is no, you can forgive forgetting the modest hiking shoes and sneakers as viable shoe options.

Regardless of your pursuit of outdoor activities (or lack of outdoor activities), sturdy hiking shoes have established themselves as essential footwear in bad weather in recent years – especially for keen men who value a shoe that has all kinds of meteorological Can handle inconvenience in style.

We are not experts in adventure sports, so we leave it up to the professionals to recommend boots for extremely difficult terrain. However, we can suggest designs that are ideal for crossing city streets, hard walks with dogs, and the occasional visit to a rural pub.

You need a pair that offers unmatched comfort, ankle support, and other orthopedic features like full leather lining and cushioned footbeds. (Though you could chop that off and get a nice but barely practical pair of suede from a high fashion designer who has never seen a mountain in his life.)

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Combine them with other robust boots such as jeans, corduroy, twill or flannel shirts and cable knit sweaters. You can also combine them with rain stoppers and fleece to fully adapt to the outdoor trend. Or be brave and use it as a counterpoint for cropping – just not for your next job interview.

Work Boots
Some of the best boots ever made were first designed decades ago to be worn in factories and shipping yards. The steel toe caps may not have survived the fashionable crossover, but many other features include: waterproof materials, padded ankles, non-slip soles and cozy lining. Why don’t you want these things for your feet when it’s freezing cold outside?

The most well-known work boots – the Timberland Yellow Boot, the classic Moc Toe from Red Wing – have been almost unchanged for decades, which is surprising that they were adopted by so different styles. Hip-hop artists, lumbersexuals and workwear enthusiasts love a work boot.

That means you can pair them with a range of casual Kacamata Rayban outfits, from joggers to jeans, trucker jackets to parkas. Look for dyed leather or waterproof nubuck and taped seams to keep the puddles at bay.


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