What to Look For in Winter Boots Part 1

What to Look For in Winter Boots Part 1

Cold feet are one of the facts of winter, as reliable as dark mornings and drunken December. The shoes and sneakers you wear all year round – perforated sneakers that let in the cold and flat shoes that let in the rain – don’t cut in bad weather. You need some winter boots and not just a pair, preferably two or three.

These are shoes that were originally designed for wood storage, hiking trails and war trenches. So you can be sure that you have a slightly frosty ride behind you. With style, because the best winter shoes look as good as they are practical.

Fashion currently has a penchant for all kinds of technical clothing (hiking styles and workwear are trends that won’t stop), but it has always been a pleasure to wear appropriate boots – by soldiers, mountaineers, riders and workers. These boots have the characteristics that all boots should have: durability, practicality, comfort and weather resistance. And despite these thick soles and unyielding leather, winter shoes are among the most versatile shoes you can buy.

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Invest in the right couple and it will take decades if you take care of it just like you do. So best with your foot forward. Find the style that suits you best below, along with the usual wearing styles.

Kacamata Rayban

What to Look For in Winter Boots Part 1 :
– Quality Materials
Tim Little, Creative Director and CEO of Grenson, said that good winter shoes shouldn’t be dirt cheap if you want them to last a long time. “The quickest way to recognize quality in a shoe is the quality of the upper.

A well-made boot is always made from high-quality leather, as nobody bothered to make a great boot from cheap leather. Quality leather always has soft folds and is usually polished by hand so that you can see the patina as well as dark and light spots. It is not always uniform.

Alternatively, you can search for tanned leather, which is usually thicker than lacquered leather and requires less weather protection.


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