The Best Men’s Work Boots Brands Part 1

The Best Men’s Work Boots Brands Part 1

1. Cat
Any company that has been designing heavy machinery for hundreds of years is sure to be a good helper at work. The robust, durable and functional Cat shoe range includes some of the best models.

Expect a large dose of classic no-bullshit work boot styling with a few modern comfort elements. Not sold yet? Just go to the next construction site and see how many pairs you can see.

2. Moncler
After the Italian luxury label Moncler (an abbreviation of the French Alpine town of Monestier-de-Clermont) conquered nature with its selection of down jackets, it turned to boots for nature.

While it may not be what the label is best known for, Moncler’s sturdy all-weather shoes and sneakers don’t lack all of the usual features and details fans of the brand expect. We speak of high-quality materials, first-class craftsmanship and of course the legendary three-color branding.

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3. Red Wing
When you hear the words “American Work Boots” it is impossible not to think of Red Wing. Founded in 1905, the centuries-old company has a long history and was the largest supplier of shoes to the US Army in World War I.

Today, the brand’s expertly crafted boots are just as popular in the scene as they are in the workforce and have achieved cult status among denimheads for their ability to look great with dark jeans.

4. Thorogood
It’s a strange thought to buy a pair of work boots that you may survive, but that’s exactly what you get with Thorogood.

The Milwaukee-based company founded a shop in 1855 and produces some of the most durable, purpose-built work boots that can be bought for money. When you shop from them, you’ll be greeted by Kacamata Rayban, a classic moc toe construction, a legendary rubber sole unit, and a shock-absorbing footbed, resulting in incomparable boots.


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